What Is Beverly Soda And Why Is TikTok In A Love-Hate Relationship With It?

If you've been to Italy, Spain, or France, you likely have tried an aperitif or witnessed locals partaking in this pre-dinner drink. Aperitifs are consumed before a meal to stimulate the appetite and supposedly aid in digestion. This is a great excuse to have a glass of vermouth, brandy, or another of the best aperitifs and socialize before dinner. Non-alcoholic beverages have been part of the aperitifs landscape as well. When Coca-Cola discovered it could create one to help it gain more of a foothold in Italy, it created Beverly in the 1960s.

While Beverly was officially discontinued in 2009, it lives on in the World of Coca-Cola museums, Disney Springs' Coca-Cola store, and Epcot's Club Cool in Florida. At Epcot, guests can also try the Philippines' Royal Watermelon, Madagascar's Bon Bon Anglais, and other Coca-Cola flavors from around the world. While people may genuinely enjoy the flavors from other countries, Beverly has a strong bitter taste that many struggle to get down. For this reason, it's considered by some to be a rite of passage if you go to Epcot and has become a favorite drink to prank friends and family with. 

Many have taken to social media to show the disgusted expressions of those who have drunk the beverage after being told that it's the best soda flavor. What's even more surprising and funny is the people who claim they genuinely like the taste of the carbonated drink as their family stares at them expecting a different reaction.

Beverly soda is polarizing

While taking a sip of Cardamaro, a wine-infused aperitif, may be a pleasant experience with its sweetness and notes of ginger and artichoke, the same can't be said for Beverly, which is said to be made mainly from grapefruit rind. In one TikTok video, @susieeariel admits she told her family that "Beverly was the best soda flavor at Epcot," and then filmed their reactions to drinking it. While the facial expressions of her daughter and father showed disgust, her aunt was enthusiastic, taking a second sip and saying, "I like it!" The extreme reactions make the drink even more interesting.

In the comments, several people highlighted the difference in what Americans are used to versus those in Europe. "If you're Italian you know Beverly, it's made with bitters and good for digestion..." wrote one person," while another determined that, "[Its] reputation sets most people up to judge unfairly haha. The people that don't like it usually consume a lot of sugar regularly."

Some have deduced that whether or not you like Beverly soda is similar to your palette regarding cilantro. While some people can't stand cilantro and swear it tastes like soap or dirt, those who like it think it tastes citrusy and fragrant.

You won't get too many chances to try Beverly, so if you're in its vicinity you may as well take a sip. Maybe you'll surprise your own family and decide Beverly is your new favorite soda.