McDonald's Once Sold Hot Dog Snack Wraps. Here's Why You Didn't Know

The hot dog Snack Wrap is a unique McDonald's menu find, and one you might have never heard of. McDonald's Snack Wraps are quite unlike the chain's typical burgers — they feature meats, lettuce, and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. The American Snack Wrap was launched in 2006 and was marketed as a healthy, light fast food option that was easy to eat on the go. Americans associate Snack Wraps with chicken since that's what was in the original version, but hot dog Snack Wraps were out there, too.

In 2016, McDonald's discontinued the Snack Wrap in the U.S., but international McDonald's menus often fly under Americans' radars. Other countries still have the Snack Wrap, including the U.K., Canada, and South Korea — the latter of which introduced the hot dog Snack Wrap, formally known as the "Sausage Snack Wrap," in 2022. The item featured a hot dog, lettuce, bacon, and a spicy mustard sauce wrapped up in a tortilla. This Snack Wrap was a limited-time menu item, a factor which — combined with its absence at U.S. stores — could explain why its presence was not widely known.

The Sausage Snack Wrap was only available in South Korea

McDonald's Korea teased the release of the Sausage Snack Wrap on Facebook in January 2022, and the item hit menus the same month. While the wrap was eventually cut from menus, it wasn't gone forever. In October 2023, McDonald's Korea made another Facebook post announcing that the Sausage Snack Wrap was returning later that month. This return was seemingly quite limited since as of today, the hot dog wrap is off of McDonald's Korean menu. This pattern of disappearing and reappearing might not instill confidence in customers, but it at least provides a glimmer of hope that one day, the wrap may once again return.

The two remaining Snack Wraps on McDonald's Korean menu are the Shanghai Chicken Snack Wrap and the Tomato Chicken Snack Wrap. The former contains spicy chicken, lettuce, bacon, and sweet mayonnaise for a spicy-sweet snack. The Tomato Chicken Snack Wrap is the newest of the two and contains tomato, crispy chicken, lettuce, and a spicy onion sauce. Each Snack Wrap costs ₩3,800 according to South Korea's McDelivery website, which is roughly $3. Fortunately for American Snack Wrap fans, there's a chance you won't need to hop a plane to try one, as in December 2023, McDonald's hinted at Snack Wraps' triumphant U.S. return sometime in the future.