You Can Now Wear Velveeta Cheese 'Drip' As A Golden Lip Cuff

Few foods are as debated and polarizing as the creamy, super-processed Velveeta. Made by combining old and new cheeses (such as chunks that fell off a cheese wheel) with an emulsifier to make it smooth, Velveeta's popularity skyrocketed during the Depression and World War II, since the inexpensive product could be used in so many different ways, including everyone's favorite: macaroni and cheese. Yet, despite most people now knowing the negative health effects of super-processed foods, it hasn't disappeared from store shelves. Quite the contrary: There was even a Velveeta shortage in 2014.

Given the cheese product's popularity, it's not surprising that many people have found ways to make Velveeta clothing and merchandise, with Velveeta even enthusiastically dropping a "hypothetical" T-shirt on its X (previously known as Twitter) page. But superfans may be impressed to discover that there's a new product coming to show your devotion: Velveeta has joined forces with celebrity designer George the Jeweler to make limited-edition Velveeta Drip Lip Cuffs. 

Made of 14-karat solid gold, the $77 cuff is in the shape of a physical drip of Velveeta and will go on sale on January 9 at The cuff is the most recent nod to Velveeta's 2023 Popsugar collaboration, "La Dolce Velveeta," which included sunglasses and a necklace.

Liquified jewelry is a new trend

According to the Urban Dictionary, drip describes something that is "very swag and cool, like an outfit, accessory, person, song, etc." Velveeta's name for the lip cuff, "Velveeta Drip," is directly inspired by this definition. The company referenced Vogue's spring 2024 runway jewelry trend article, which mentioned "playful droplet shapes," and "giving 'drip' a new definition." Velveeta's press release also cited a New York Times article about designers using more septum and lip creations in their works. So, whether you're a Velveeta fan, fashion-conscious, or both, Velveeta is marketing the Drip Lip Cuff at you.

George "George the Jeweler" Khalife has created jewelry for Kris and Kylie Jenner, Nicole Scherzinger, and others, so his collaboration with Velveeta is sure to turn some heads. "I've been a fan of VELVEETA's unexpected collaborations over the last few years, which is why I was thrilled to partner with the brand to create a statement piece that allowed fans to wear the drip for the first time," he said. One of those "unexpected collaborations," no doubt, was the Compartés chocolate and cheese TruffVel. With this track record — there's also been Velveeta nail polish and a martini with Velveeta-infused vodka — we can only imagine what other surprises the cheesy brand has in store for the future.