Jimmy John's Says Farewell To Kickin' Ranch Sauce With 'Big Ass Bottle'

If you love the deliciously stuffed sandwiches of Jimmy John's, you've likely tried one of the chain's unique condiments, Kickin' Ranch. Upcoming menu changes mean the sauce is leaving Jimmy John's locations as a condiment option for your sandwich as of Jan. 22. Fortunately, passionate "ranch heads" will have one last chance to enjoy it, with a twist.

Jimmy John's says it will sell large commemorative bottles of the Kickin' Ranch, which it's dubbing a "Big Ass Bottle of Kickin' Ranch." It's not clear exactly how big the bottles are but each will be individually numbered as a keepsake.

The bottles will be available exclusively on Jimmy John's online store starting on Jan. 9 for the eye-popping low price of just one cent plus shipping fees. But don't dawdle, however, as just 100 bottles will be sold for 24 hours at most, and in the company's words, "once they are gone, they are gone." You won't be able to hoard the bottles even if it's your favorite condiment as Jimmy John's is limiting purchases to one bottle per person.

Zesty alternatives at Jimmy John's and at home

Jimmy John's didn't say exactly why the chain is eliminating the sauce, which it describes as an "irresistibly delicious cult-favorite" in a press release announcing its departure. There are no signs (yet) that it'll rise to the level of the top fast-food menu changes that upset customers.

Kickin' Ranch has been popular enough to earn the fifth-place spot on Mashed's list of fast-food ranch dressings ranked worst to best thanks to its tangy buttermilk base combined with fiery, complex, pickled cherry peppers. According to former employees, these two ingredients, along with pickled pepper juice and garlic powder, are the most important for those trying to replicate the condiment at home.

All isn't lost for Jimmy John's diners who need a bit of a spicy, creamy kick on their sub. The chain will still offer Jalapeño Ranch, which diners can get as a side for the first time starting on Jan. 22, and those who just can't live without Kickin' Ranch sauce can recreate the classic with our copycat recipe.