Hijacking A Coffee Shop With Your Wedding Is Peak Entitlement

Wedding planning can be stressful and expensive, which has led many couples to search for less traditional options for their wedding ceremonies. While eloping has always been possible for those who love the idea of secretly running away together to make the nuptials official, skipping the planning process is not something you should do if you want to show up at an actual wedding venue.

While a coffee shop in itself is a more unique option for a wedding ceremony, the workers at Mansion Society in Indianapolis, Indiana found themselves inadvertent wedding crashers in their own shop. A bride and groom, along with bridesmaids, groomsmen, wedding guests, photographers, and an officiant "took over" the establishment unannounced and proceeded to host a wedding on what was supposed to be an average Sunday. Talk about the ultimate coffee shop faux pas.

According to Mansion Society's Instagram post detailing the series of events, the group of nearly 30 people not only performed a wedding ceremony without booking the coffee shop in advance but blocked regular customers from entering the establishment with their impromptu photoshoot, even asking the baristas to "take coats, purses, and watch personal items as if they had rented [them] out for a private event." The coffee shop is located inside the historic Central State Mansion, which even caused the leasing manager to get involved since the wedding party was never permitted to host an event in the building.

The newlyweds are downplaying the issue

Many fast-food chains can double as iconic wedding venues. Still, there is typically some planning and payment that occurs before the big day, especially if the establishment offers bookings for private events. After the wedding at the coffee shop began circulating on social media, the bride reached out to Mansion Society via email offering a "$200 donation" for their ceremony. Of course, this lacks any accountability or responsibility for the mistakes made by the wedding party.


Mansion Society posted their reply to the bride with an invoice for $500, which is the typical fee for a weekend booking. However, the bride found the request "unreasonable." Still, many people are on the side of the coffee shop. While the comments appear to be disabled on the three posts regarding the matter, one person left their opinion on a different Instagram post, saying, "Go to small claims court please. Y'all need more than $500. That's just ridiculous."

Those on Reddit also weighed in on the matter with one user expressing frustration that the wedding party appears to have "got[ten] away with it." Another responded to a comment the owner of the coffee shop made on Instagram, noting that the wedding party didn't purchase much but occupied the space for an hour and a half, saying, "6 lattes, 4 croissants. $60. No tip. I am aghast." Luckily, a GoFundMe was started by a local patron to help recoup the cost of any lost business.