Mosaic Sushi Waffles Look Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

It takes up to 10 years of training to become a professional sushi chef. However, Alexa Santos, who is known on TikTok and Instagram as @alexawhatsfordinner, may have cracked the code for how to make a beautiful sushi-inspired dinner with no training required. The content creator took the social media world by storm last year with their viral mosaic sushi waffles, which look almost too beautiful to eat. Note that we said "almost," because who wants to spend the time making a delicious meal just to stare at it without taking a bite?

You'll need a waffle maker to make this trendy dish, but you won't be making a traditional breakfast waffle. Instead, the kitchen appliance is going to be used to make a crispy rice waffle, which will serve as the base for your edible work of art. After greasing your waffle maker, load it up with cooked sushi rice and cook until you have a crispy exterior that is a nice golden brown color.

Now comes the fun part. Pick out your favorite sushi ingredients, such as tuna, salmon, and avocado, and cut them into small cubes. Then arrange the various ingredients by placing one cube in each of the rice waffle's pockets, alternating between them to create a mosaic-style pattern. Top with garnishes like wasabi, Kewpie mayo, or ginger, and you're ready to dig in. Just make sure to snap a picture of your mosaic sushi waffle so you can admire it long after it's been devoured.

The mosaic pattern is optional for sushi waffles

Between effortless ice cube tray nigiri and now mosaic sushi waffles, having an at-home sushi night just keeps getting easier and easier.

If you want, you could simplify your sushi-waffle hybrid meal even further by dropping the mosaic pattern, thus eliminating the need to cube all of your ingredients. Instead, spread a layer of mashed avocado or cream cheese on your cooked rice and then arrange your preferred sushi ingredients as artfully (or as chaotically) as you please. Just like traditional sushi, sushi waffles can also be customized to the eater's preferences. Therefore, you can use cooked fish if you're not a fan of eating it raw, or the fish can be ditched altogether in favor of a vegetarian version.

Sushi waffles are just the beginning of what rice and a waffle maker can create. As one TikToker found, swapping sushi rice for basmati rice and cooking it in the appliance can make for an easy tahdig. Additionally, you could also give leftover fried rice some new life by putting it into a waffle maker and topping it with a fried egg.