Does Anyone Know Who The Head Baker Is For Last Crumb's Cookies?

Updated 2/21/24 to clarify that Matthew Jung is the former, not current, CEO of Last Crumb.

When you read the about section on Last Crumb's website, you begin to envision the head baker as a mythical being. Several questions arise. Who is he? How delicious are Last Crumb cookies that they cost $140 (and up) for a dozen? The text reads, "The head baker was born somewhere in LA. He grew up inspired by the streetwear of Fairfax and stimulated by the buzz of Hollywood. He was fed up with the everyday B.S. that was known as everyday life ... Bored of the noise, the head baker quit his job and moved out to Hollywood with a buddy that was willing to accept just a few crumbs for rent."

While the answer to the pricing question is subjective, based on taste preferences, most who have tried them agree that the cookies seem to be of very high quality. As for the head baker's identity, he seems to be co-owner Derek Jaeger.

In interviews, co-owner Alana Arnold has made many references to Last Crumb's beginnings. For example, talking with Angeleno Magazine, she said, "My co-founder Derek Jaeger and I have been friends for well over a decade, and we initially bonded over our passion for food and my love for his cookies. I thought they were the best I've ever had!" Matthew Jung, Last Crumb's former CEO, also referred to Jaeger's cookies as the best ever in an interview with Commercial Baking, stating that they helped him decide to take on the role. 

Jaeger has had years perfecting his cookie recipes

Derek Jaeger has often been referred to as the maker of the business' cookies by Last Crumb co-founder Alana Arnold and former CEO Matthew Jung. He is even referred to as the head chef of the cookie company. In an interview with Go Solo, Jaeger talked about his passion and love of food plus the science involved and said that after he "went on to launch my marketing company, I felt I had lost touch with what truly made me happy." That reads similarly to the about section on Last Crumb's website.

It's easy to understand why there's a sense of mystery around who the head baker is. Many of the brand's photos feature hands and arms, plus occasionally a torso, but no face to go with them. Those arms could theoretically belong to a model instead of Jaeger.

Long before launching the high-end, drop-style cookie company that is Last Crumb, Jaeger was a founding member of The Cravory: a mail-order cookie delivery company that could be found at San Diego farmers markets. One of its signature cookies is Birthday Cake, which you can get six of for the price of $18.95. "We have over 950 flavors. Anything anybody thinks of, we can turn into a cookie," Jaeger told CBS8 in 2010. His extensive background in baking seems to have paid off; although not quite as extensive, Last Crumb's cookie collection is arguably just as creative. It would seem Jaeger was always meant to be head baker of a company like Last Crumb.