Use Greek Yogurt, Not Mayo, To Give Canned Salmon Salad A Tasty Tartness

Tuna sandwiches are the quintessential quick and easy lunch. You can make them with just canned tuna, mayo, and seasonings. While tuna may seem like the go-to quick-grab ingredient, you should keep canned salmon in your pantry, as it's just as versatile and works great in more than just a sandwich. If you've never worked with canned salmon before and need a quick and simple meal, you might want to start off with salmon salad, as it's fairly similar to its tuna counterpart.

But while mayo may be the default ingredient to add creaminess to a canned fish salad, Mashed recipe developer Christina Musgrave's canned salmon salad recipe replaces mayo with Greek yogurt. The reason for the swap is that Greek yogurt adds creaminess while also adding a distinct tartness that pairs well with the fish. Greek yogurt, whether you use full or non-fat, works to bind the salad together. It's also high in protein, containing around 20 grams per cup. Its addition helps bulk up the salmon salad, thus staving off any midday hunger pangs. As for what to serve the salad on? Musgrave likes to slather it on whole grain or rye toast, but any bread will work. It could even be enjoyed on its own or with lettuce for a low-carb version.

Greek yogurt adds creaminess

Musgrave shares that this salad makes a great quick lunch, saying, "I like making this when I only have a few minutes to make something." To assemble her salad, Musgrave uses canned salmon, celery, red onion, greek yogurt, dijon mustard, and lemon juice. She then mixes everything in a bowl and refrigerates it before spreading it onto her bread of choice.

The recipe makes six servings, but don't worry if you're enjoying it solo — the salmon salad will keep for two to three days if sealed in the refrigerator. It's not recommended that you freeze any, as this will change the texture of the final product. Prior to making your salmon salad, you'll want to choose your favorite canned salmon brand, as well as your Greek yogurt of choice. It probably goes without saying, but plain Greek yogurt is essential. Using a flavored Greek yogurt like vanilla or fruit could result in a not-so-delicious sweet fish flavor. Save the sweets to add to any leftover plain Greek yogurt for a refreshing dessert parfait.