How Many Fogo De Chão Steakhouses Are In The US?

While some steakhouse chains may be struggling to stay afloat in these tough times when so many of us don't have the ability to drop a wad of cash on expensive restaurant meals, the Brazilian steakhouse Fogo De Chão seems to be thriving. If you're not familiar with the rodizio dining concept, this style of restaurant typically offers unlimited amounts of meat for a set price. Sure, that price may be a high one, but if you're carnivorously inclined and have a voracious appetite, you should be able to eat your money's worth.

As of early 2024, Fogo De Chão has 65 locations in the continental United States, including one restaurant in the District of Columbia. There are none in Hawaii or Alaska to date, although there is a Fogo De Chão in Puerto Rico, which has the (non-voting) status of U.S. Territory. In addition to these locations, there are an additional eight restaurants in Brazil (five of these in São Paulo) and seven in Mexico (five in Mexico City) as well as single Fogo De Chãos in Bolivia, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. In case you lost count, this makes for a total of 85 Fogo De Chãos worldwide ... so far.

Fogo De Chão is growing at a rapid pace

The first Fogo De Chão launched in 1979 in Brazil, but the chain didn't expand into the U.S. until 1997. By 2013, there were 29 Fogo De Chãos split between the two countries, but as of 2016 the number had grown to 42, plus another restaurant in Mexico, At that time the company was looking to expand about 10% per year, but if you include the worldwide locations, it seems to have outpaced that projection (if we're calculating it correctly, which we may not be, since admittedly we're not economists).

Despite a worldwide pandemic and an ongoing economic crisis, Fogo De Chão doesn't appear to be slowing its roll (or pão de queijo, if you will). Listed on its websitei under coming attractions (okay, they actually went with the more boring wording "coming soon") are 10 more U.S. locations set to open in the near future, along with two in Canada. They're also teasing new Fogo De Chãos for Brazil and Mexico and promising to open up restaurants in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, the Philippines, and Turkey for the first time. Also on tap is a new Fogo De Chão for an undisclosed location in the Middle East, although we don't know yet whether it'll be a second restaurant for Saudi Arabia or the UAE or a first for another country. If all this pans out, though, the future seems sweet for all-you-can-eat meat.