TikTok Is Torn Over Costco's Cookies And Cream Mini Cakes

Costco recently introduced a new item that, when you first hear about it, may seem remarkable for its price point. $9 for cookies and cream mini cakes? For a store known for deals, that's not all that cheap. Well, as it turns out, you do get six cakes for the price — that's just $1.50 each, which isn't so bad. What's more, the cakes themselves aren't new, just the cookies and cream flavor is, so it seems that Costco shoppers are already used to shelling out nine bucks a box.

So, are these mini cakes worth the cost (plus the Costco membership fee, which not everybody wants to pay)? While some shoppers laud these mini cakes as if they were manna from heaven — some even devour them in the parking lot rather than wait any longer — not everyone on TikTok is buying into the hyperbole. A number of different TikTokers have posted video reviews of this Costco treat, and most of these seem to be pretty positive, but the real story may lie in the comments section.

TikTok must agree to disagree on Costco's new mini cake flavor

One TikTok review from a Costco fan account raves about how the cakes are "super moist" and also brings up the point that they're unlikely to spoil if a storm knocks out the power. (They may, however, be considerably less moist after a few days at room temperature.) The comments section, though, wasn't unanimous in its agreement. One person felt the cookies and cream frosting would taste better atop a vanilla cake base, while another said that their cakes were dry right out of the box, while a third simply called them "gross." Though others disagreed, one Costco shopper even theorized that these cakes seem to be nothing more than Costco's chocolate chip muffins all tarted up with frosting.


Cookies and Cream Mini Cakes in the Costco bakery!

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Another Costco fan on TikTok posted a video filmed in Costco's bakery that was more of an announcement than a review, showing the cookies and cream mini cakes still in the box. Commenters didn't seem too impressed, with one remarking on how much the mini cakes cost and another complaining about all of the additives on the ingredients label (which was shown in a close-up shot). Yet another person remarked that Costco's previous caramel apple mini cakes were duds but said its chocolate ones were decent, although they didn't opine on this particular cookies and cream flavor. It seems the jury's still out on these mini cakes: Some like them, while some do not — at least according to the microcosm that is Costco shoppers on TikTok.