The Internet Already Has Qualms About McDonald's Double Big Mac

McDonald's fans are gearing up for the return of the Double Big Mac. This burger is a tall order (quite literally), stacking up to four beef patties instead of the Big Mac's usual two. It still contains three layers of bun, a slice of cheese, lettuce, and pickles, but it has more Big Mac sauce to make up for the additional heft. On January 24, the Double Big Mac will return for the first time since its brief, pre-pandemic visit to menus in 2020. This return is yet another limited-time run, but it will be available nationwide at participating locations.

Adding a new menu item is a tricky thing — it's either a hit or it isn't — and sometimes it's for the best that these items are limited-time-only. The Double Big Mac hasn't even hit menus yet, but the internet already has a lot of thoughts. The burger is quite a mouthful of beef, which is why some people online are complaining. TikTok creator and former McDonald's corporate chef @chefmikeharacz broke down their thoughts as to why the Double Big Mac is a "monstrosity" in a video posted on January 12. Ultimately, their complaints boil down to the semantics of the word "double." The original Big Mac has two patties and one slice of cheese, but the Double Big Mac has four patties — and still one slice of cheese.

The burger-doubling ratio is inconsistent

The former McDonald's corporate chef was surprised by the singular cheese slice, saying in their video, "If you are going to double it ... you should have four patties and two slices of cheese." Commenters agreed that "the ratio of everything is just off," and more slices of cheese would help tone down the meatiness. At least no one's complaining about not doubling the bread — three layers of bun is quite enough.


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McDonald's menu engages in lots of doubling. The McDouble has two patties and one slice of cheese, and the Double Cheeseburger has two patties and two slices of cheese. The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese has two patties and two slices of cheese, while its counterpart — the Quarter Pounder — has one patty and two slices of cheese. It's safe to say that McDonald's doubling methodology is only ever consistent with its patties and not the cheese slices. Nonetheless, the public has heard @chefmikeharacz's point, and most seem to agree that more cheese makes more sense.