McDonald's Double Big Mac Is Returning, But Not For Long

Just two weeks into 2024, McDonald's is already trumpeting one of its many promised changes for the year. The chain has promised to upgrade both its burgers and buns, and we can probably expect the introduction of a few new or returning items. No, we don't yet know when (or if) the McRib will return after it popped in for a brief pre-Thanksgiving visit last year, but we do have good news for anyone who was a big fan of the Double Big Mac. It's back for a limited time. 

The Double Big Mac will be re-released on January 24. A quadruple cheeseburger that doubles the two patties found in the original. McDonald's also promises to up the amount of special sauce.  We can't speak to the amounts of lettuce and pickles on this Big Mac upgrade, but it does appear that you'll still only be getting a single slice of cheese. The bun, too, remains the same, a bottom, a top (with a signature sprinkle of sesame seeds), and one in the middle flanked by two patties on either side.

There are other ways to upsize your Big Mac

The Double Big Mac isn't the only variant on the signature classic burger Mickey D's has offered. In 2016, McDonald's introduced the Grand Mac, which retained the two-patty format but used more meat and added a second slice of cheese. Also sharing the menu at this time was the Mac Jr., which had a single, original-sized patty. While we don't know whether McDonald's plans to revive either of these offerings, you can score a bigger Big Mac that's fairly similar to the former (minus the cheese) by asking for your Big Mac to be made with Quarter Pounder patties.

If you'd like to recreate the Double Big Mac after it disappears from the menu (again), order two Big Macs and make your own. Of course, this will leave you with three bun halves, but you can always use the extra bread to feed pigeons or make croutons. (Or throw it out if you must, but we can't bring ourselves to advocate wasting food, so that's on you.) While you will have to pay double, the upside is that not only will your Frankenburger have the same amount of meat as the capital D-Double, but you'll have plenty of sauce, lettuce, and pickles — along with an extra slice of cheese.