Peeps 2024 Easter Lineup Review: More Or Less What You'd Expect From The Marshmallow Confection

Easter may not fall on the same day every year — because why would the anniversary of a 30-something carpenter's (supposed) resurrection 2,000 years ago be consistent year to year? Yet regardless of when the holy Christian day appears on the calendar, if you celebrate the season, you're bound to find a bounty of Easter candy available leading up to (and on) the day itself. On that note, no candy screams "Easter!" quite like Peeps — so it's no surprise the brand is set to release four new flavors in conjunction with the 2024 holiday festivities.

Now, everyone knows the glory that is the classic yellow chick version of this sugar-dusted marshmallow treat. But some folks may be unsatisfied with the same old confection and are eager to consume a Peep with a bit more panache. With those consumers in mind, the brand's new quartet of flavors offers an intriguing set of treats inspired by several beloved snack foods and brands: Icee Blue Raspberry, Sour Strawberry, Rice Krispies Treats, and a Peeps Delights S'mores variety.

If you're wondering about the nitty gritty details surrounding the new Peeps Easter lineup — and whether they're worth adding to your Easter basket this year — we've got you covered. After receiving samples of the new flavors courtesy of Peeps, we taste-tested each variety to determine its seasonal viability. Here's our 2024 Easter Peeps lineup review.

What's in the Peeps 2024 Easter Lineup?

What's in the Peeps 2024 Easter lineup? Sugar ... and that's it! We kid, of course, because there's also corn syrup and gelatin. All joking aside, it's sort of incredible to consider what's in the new Peeps (and how little variation appears to exist between them). After all, outside of the S'Mores Peeps Delights variety — which contains a layer of chocolate on the bottom — the three previously mentioned ingredients comprise 99.5% of the Peeps Easter flavors.

Now, to be fair, there are slight differences to be found beyond those core ingredients — though they won't inspire much confidence among whole food proponents. A glance at the ingredient list for the various flavors indicates the only tangible distinction is the type of numbered color dye used. The Sour Strawberry flavor has Red #40, Icee Blue Raspberry has Blue #1, and the Rice Krispies Treats has Yellow #5 and #6. Additionally, the S'Mores Delights contains Yellow #5, Yellow #6, and Blue #1 (plus the chocolate-centric ingredients absent in the other Peeps flavors).

Furthermore, neither of the two co-branded Peeps contains the actual item named in the flavor. In other words, don't expect to find any Rice Krispies Treats chunks enmeshed inside the candy's spongy marshmallow body. Similarly, there aren't any blue raspberries to be found in the making of the Icee Blue Raspberry flavored Peeps (largely because there's no such thing as a blue raspberry).

Until when is the Peeps 2024 Easter lineup available and where?

As of January 25, the 2024 Peeps Easter lineup appears to be available for purchase throughout the U.S. (though some locations may not have them in stock just yet). Now, we can't say for certain whether these new flavors will last beyond the coming holiday on March 31. But seeing that some seasonal Peeps flavors from years past are still on the market, it's at least possible any or all of the four new flavors will remain (or return) after this season.

Unfortunately, if you'd like to obtain each of the four new Peeps for Easter, be prepared to drop a pretty penny on gas (or delivery fees and tips). It turns out that three of those flavors are sold exclusively at separate retailers. The Rice Krispies Treats flavored Peeps are only offered at participating Walmart locations, the Icee Blue Raspberry flavored marshmallow treat will only be sold by Target, while the Sour Strawberry flavored confection is set to be sold solely at Kroger locations.

The somewhat fancier S'Mores Peeps Delights flavor (well, fancy for a sugar-encrusted candy) doesn't appear to have any sort of restriction regarding the place of purchase. The brand simply notes this variety will be available nationwide — so consider keeping your eyes peeled for the S'Mores Peeps Delights when you're grabbing one of the other new flavors.

How much does the Peeps 2024 Easter Lineup cost?

Given the differing locations of availability and package sizes for the Peeps 2024 Easter lineup — to say nothing of the wide range in pricing found throughout the country — we can't provide an exact cost for these flavors. Still, we can provide a general price range that most folks are apt to encounter, based on the brand's suggested retail prices.

One of the undeniably appealing aspects of Peeps lies in the candy's general affordability — and the brand's 2024 Easter lineup seems to fall in line with that expectation. More than that, unless you encounter an outlier of a store, the cost for each new Peeps variety won't break your budget. The Rice Krispies Treats flavored Peeps will cost around $1.47 for a 10-count package. The Sour Strawberry flavored Peeps in the same format, however, is apt to cost slightly more at roughly $1.79 — though it's unclear why this flavor is more expensive.

Since the Icee Blue Raspberry flavored Peeps come with 15 candies, its pricier cost (around $2.69 per package) is a bit more logical. The same can be said for the S'Mores Peeps Delights, which brings a comparatively premium price thanks to its chocolate-dipped nature. Though sold in smaller batches, the brand suggests a cost between $1.47 and $2.49 for a 3-count of the S'Mores Delights, with and between $2.69 and $3.79 for a 4-count package.

What's the nutrition information for the Peeps 2024 Easter Lineup?

Despite our occasional inclination to the contrary, we're not here to sugarcoat the detrimental nutritional profile of certain foods. So while biting into the sugary exterior of any new Peeps flavor may be a mindblowing experience, well ... it's also a food that lists sugar and corn syrup as the two main ingredients. Consequently, you shouldn't be shocked to learn that none of the new Peeps Easter flavors would be considered the pillar of a healthy diet.

Then again, as an occasional treat (say, during the springtime), it's not as bad as you might suspect. After all, there's nothing else of note outside of a solid dose of sugar in every serving of four Peeps (excluding the S'Mores Delights variety). There are 24 grams of sugar in both the Rice Krispies Treats and Icee Blue Raspberry flavors, and 23 grams of sugar in the Sour Strawberry flavor (with 110 calories per serving for all three).

The S'Mores Delights has a tad more nutritional info to report thanks to the inclusion of chocolate. A serving of three Peeps contains 160 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, and 29 grams of sugar.

How does the Peeps 2024 Easter Lineup compare to other Peeps products?

If you've tried one Peeps flavor or variety, you've tried them all, right? Not necessarily (though that statement doesn't seem that far from the truth, either). After all, the texture for the four varieties in the new Peeps 2024 Easter lineup is no different than what you'd find in any other Peeps product.

Additionally, the main ingredients listed for the classic yellow chick (or bunny-shaped) Peeps variety (and several others) are the same as the new 2024 flavors. Or, to be more precise, the 2024 Easter lineup — like virtually every other Peeps marshmallow product — is made almost entirely of the same three ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin.

Now, to be fair to Peeps, the 2024 Easter lineup doesn't rest on the laurels of its predecessors when it comes to taste. Each new flavor provides a variation on the original, with varying degrees of success. In that sense, you should expect the familiar Peeps texture matched with a unique flavor in each new product.

Rice Krispies Treats flavored Peeps verdict: A fluffy Lucky Charms marshmallow clone

Is there any real room for variation when it comes to Peeps? We weren't entirely sure before taste-testing the 2024 Peeps Easter lineup flavors. But after trying each one, we can say the candy makers behind these confections were able to imbue subtle hints of flavor beyond straightforward sweetness — and you can color us impressed by the Rice Krispies Treats flavored Peeps variety.

Quite frankly, this delectably toothsome concoction tasted virtually identical to the magically delicious marshmallows scattered inside a box of Lucky Charms — albeit with a staggeringly different texture than the dry (and somewhat stiff) ones found in the General Mills cereal. That similarity provided a triple dose of childhood nostalgia (Peeps, Rice Krispies Treats, and Lucky Charms) that sent our taste buds into a tizzy while recalling youthful egg hunts from days of yore.

Of the four new Peeps introduced for the 2024 Easter season, we were most delighted by the Rice Krispies Treats flavor. We were unexpectedly enthralled by this synergistic pairing and wholeheartedly recommend it — and may even take a trip to Walmart to restock before Easter.

S'Mores flavored Peeps Delights verdict: A bit of a letdown given expectations

None of the four new Peeps Easter flavors was as generic (and consequently disappointing) as the S'Mores Delights. Sure, the inclusion of chocolate is extremely unique in the world of Peeps. But the chocolate was subpar, while the supposedly graham cracker-flavored marshmallow component reminded us more of a standard Peep than a S'Mores exterior.

Perhaps our disappointment is rooted in the letdown of the brand's promotional promise for this new Peeps flavor. After all, did the S'Mores Delights "transport [our] taste buds to a cheerful gathering under the starlit sky," as stated in the press release announcing the 2024 Easter flavors? Nope.

If you think we're being a bit harsh by penalizing Peeps for overselling its product in a press release, well ... nitpicking is our job (don't hate the player, hate the game). Given the excessive premium placed on these Peeps by the brand and its higher cost, we'd suggest skipping the S'Mores Delights this year.

Icee Blue Raspberry flavored Peeps verdict: Nails the artificiality of blue raspberry

Your enjoyment of this flavor may be entirely dependent on your opinion of Icee Blue Raspberry slushies. After all, the Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps perfectly mimicked the flavors found in a paper cup or cone filled with the famed slushie. Of course, it seems rather easy to conclude how an Icee's taste could so seamlessly transpose to a marshmallow treat. It's just a wholly artificial, sugar-centric flavor served in soft candy form rather than as syrup poured over ice chips.

Unfortunately, that blunt reminder of the highly processed composition of Peeps was one we didn't need or want — and it dampened our enthusiasm as a result. The fact that this was also the only new Peeps variety that wasn't white on the interior (it was completely blue both inside and out) amplified our discomfort.

Still, we can see how someone might be supremely satisfied by the Blue Raspberry Peeps variety if they're an Icee fan. If that's the case, don't hesitate to grab a package of this new Peeps flavor before it's gone.

Sour Strawberry flavored Peeps verdict: Perfectly pleasant, though a missed branding opportunity

Given the pair of co-branded varieties offered in the Peeps 2024 Easter lineup, we were a bit baffled by the Sour Strawberry flavor. To be clear, it wasn't a matter of the candy providing anything unexpected. Long story short, this bright red Peeps flavor tasted precisely as you'd predict ahead of time. Rather, our confusion lies with the lack of a seemingly obvious opportunity for synergy (like with Rice Krispies Treats and Icee), because this new Peeps flavor was essentially a soft clone of Sour Punch straws.

We suppose it could be a coincidence — or maybe Sour Punch doesn't offer its straws in a sour strawberry flavor. Regardless of the reason, we couldn't avoid comparing these to the tart, sugar-covered candy with each bite.

Since fruit-flavored candy was my childhood nightmare (an opinion this writer stands by), we can't say we loved noshing this new Peeps flavor. But if you're hankering for a soft, non-chocolate candy this Easter season, we predict you'll end up smiling once you try the new Sour Strawberry flavored Peeps.