Why Eric André Loves The Food In Australia - Exclusive

Going on tour can be a double-edged sword. While it is exhausting and can prove difficult, you also get a chance to try food from all over. Comedian Eric André is about to go back on tour with his live show, this time heading down under, and André is very much looking forward it. "I go down to Australia," explains André, and "I love it down there, and [in] New Zealand." So, in an exclusive interview, we spoke with André about his favorite things to eat on tour.

When it comes to pre- and post-show snacks, the answer is Drumsticks. Not surprising, considering André is in a new series of commercials for the frozen treat brand while campaigning with the company to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday. When we asked André if a particular food region stuck out to him, he thought about it momentarily, then responded, "Australia rules. They got such good food down there." One of the things he points to in order to prove his point is the diverse options. "Great Vietnamese food in Australia, killer."

Why Australian food

Eric André is likely not the only one who has noticed the different culinary influences. The country has a large immigrant population, and with its proximity to South Asian countries, it's no wonder the food is so diverse and delicious. There are food types from all over the globe there.

Of course, the quality might also have something to do with the stand-out produce from the country. As André went on to say, "their produce, the vegetables, are so robust." With its pleasant climate, Australia can grow most of its food instead of importing it from other parts of the world. The nation even holds the majority of the world's organic agricultural land. So, it's safe to say that André is looking forward to his upcoming tour, with dates in Australia and New Zealand. "It rules down there. I always have a good time."

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