Make Perfect Copycat McDonald's Breakfast Burritos With This Parchment Paper Trick

Sadly, McDonalds discontinued its all-day breakfast in 2020, but customers can still indulge in a breakfast treat before 10:30 or 11:00 am. Whether you're going through the drive-through after a long night out or in the wee hours before work, the fast food chain has you covered with McGriddles, McMuffins, and breakfast burritos. In certain states, customers can order a steak and egg breakfast burrito, but for most of the U.S., the sausage and egg burrito is what's available. For those who want to satisfy their cravings outside of their locations' regular breakfast hours, it's easy enough to make one at home.

Recipe creator Jake Vigliotti came up with a copycat McDonald's breakfast burrito recipe that guarantees a piping hot and delicious burrito every time. However, aside from the ingredients, an important detail adds authenticity to this morning favorite. McDonald's breakfast burritos are served wrapped in parchment paper to make sure they stay warm and toasty. So, when it comes to making them at home, you'll want to have some parchment paper handy. The trick is to wrap your finished burrito in the paper before popping it in the microwave for 30 seconds. This technique ensures "perfect steamy goodness," just like at the restaurant.

Lock in moisture with parchment paper

It makes sense that McDonald's uses parchment paper to warm up the burrito, as it helps lock in moisture. Another benefit is the paper keeps everything nice and tidy and prevents an "eggsplosion" in the microwave.

While the ingredients, including skim milk and green chiles, give the burrito its signature flavor, it's the melty cheese and the temperature of the burrito that complete the experience. Wrapping the burrito in parchment paper and microwaving renders the same texture as the burrito served in-store. Still, you'll need to be careful that it doesn't come out too hot. There's nothing worse than biting into something that scalds your tastebuds, so start at 30 seconds to ensure it's not an unpleasant experience. 

Jake Vigliotti says, "The burrito will magically feel and smell just like the ones you grab in the drive-thru." If you're skeptical about just how close the final product tastes compared to the real one, it's almost impossible to tell the difference. One taster exclaims, "Wow, this tastes exactly like McDonald's! It smells like it, too."