Why The Actor In Silk's Super Bowl 2024 Ad Looks So Familiar

Ads are to be expected during the Super Bowl. In fact, they can even be major talking points, like in 2023 when commercials for Super Bowl LVII were allowed to go boozy after Anheuser-Busch InBev SA, the company behind Budweiser, gave other alcohol brands the go-ahead to advertise.

Silk, the plant-based dairy alternative, landing its first-ever T.V. spot for Super Bowl LVIII is impressive in itself, but some folks are pointing out that a very familiar but unexpected face is featured in the spot. As announced in a press release, the role of the dad making breakfast with his daughter is played by Jeremy Renner and his real-life daughter, Ava.

Renner is primarily known for appearing in the Marvel films as Hawkeye, the bow-wielding Avenger who tends to take a bit of flak online for being one of the most useless MCU characters. None of that is Renner's fault — most of this criticism stems from the fact that it's hard to compete with demi-gods and tech billionaires when you're just a guy with a bow.

Why did Jeremy Renner choose Silk for his comeback?

Celebrities appearing in adverts is nothing new; for example, in 2023, Kevin Bacon appeared as a familiar voice in Budweiser's Super Bowl ad. Seeing Renner in this commercial, however, is a special case. This is the first role he's taken since his 2023 snow plow accident, in which he was crushed beneath the heavy machinery while reportedly trying to protect his nephew. He allegedly broke over 30 bones, requiring a lengthy hospital stay and several surgeries. While speaking to People, the actor described his trepidation about performing stunts for the commercial: "I never would've tried ... any of these types of moves, or dancing around like James Brown on a countertop."

Silk, however, was a special brand for Renner, as the beverage was a part of his recovery diet. "I've become so healthy now," he told People about his new regime. Having the extra support of his daughter as a co-star undoubtedly helped as well. Renner is taking what he described as "baby steps" toward returning to his full strength and confidence.