Why The Voice In Budweiser's Super Bowl 2023 Ad Sounds So Familiar

Almost as highly anticipated as the actual Super Bowl game are the high-budget Super Bowl commercials. Every year, fans look forward to the star-studded ads that range from hilarious to inspirational to nostalgic. 

Most of those celebrities who star in these Super Bowl ads are all too happy have their faces front and center, promoting everything from crypto-currency to cars. (Although, controversial crypto-currency was nixed for the Super Bowl LVII.) This year, however, Budweiser got a celebrity to provide just a voice for its Super Bowl ad. 

That guy sure sounds familiar — did you work out who it is? There's a huge hint when the voiceover mentions how "all people are six degrees of separation away from each other." Yep, that's a mega-famous actor slyly referencing the '90s game that bears his name, using it to show how folks of all walks are apparently connected by their love of Bud. 

Six degrees of separation now applies to six-packs of Bud

In Budweiser's Super Bowl LVII commercial, Kevin Bacon's smooth voice takes viewers along on the journey of a six-pack of Bud bottles, traveling from a corner store to a food truck, across a neighborhood basketball court, into a recording studio, and ending in a backyard party. 

How are these people connected, besides making one six-pack of beer stretch impossibly far? "The people who share the same spirit share the same beer," says Bacon, namely those who work hard and never quit.

In addition to cashing in on the actor and his namesake game, Budweiser also cleverly bookmarks its ad with nostalgic beer ad memories. The commercial opens with a clip of the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses, which first appeared in Super Bowl ads in 1986, and ends with Bacon using the slogan first coined in 1979: "This Bud's for you."