These 2-Ingredient Apple Chips Can Be Made With Your Air Fryer

Most of what you need to know about these air fryer apple chips you learn from the title: They are made of thin-sliced apples dried out in the air fryer. While some apple chip recipes add extra ingredients such as sweeteners or oil, developer Annabelle Randles keeps hers super-simple by using nothing more than apples dusted with ground cinnamon. These un-sugared chips, she feels, make for an extra-healthy snack.

This recipe doesn't make a lot of apple chips as it only calls for two apples but Randles prefers to make smaller batches because chips are crispest when fresh. As she points out, drying apple chips in the oven can take a few hours, but using the air fryer shortens the process. Each batch of apple slices only takes 15 minutes, and since she's able to fit an entire apple's worth in her air fryer basket, she's done cooking the apples in just half an hour. She also does not peel the apples before she slices them, so this shaves a few minutes off the prep time, too. All you need to do is slice them and sprinkle them with cinnamon. Then they're ready for the dryer (or fryer).

Change up the chips by swapping out ingredients

Even though there are only two ingredients in this easy air fryer chip recipe, you can still make some tweaks to better suit your preference. While Randles may feel that her apple chips are sweet enough on their own, you might prefer to mix some sugar with the cinnamon or coat the sliced apples with honey or maple syrup. You could also dip the apple slices in a simple sugar syrup before drying them as this won't just sweeten them but will help to make them extra-crispy, as well. There's no need to stick with the cinnamon, either — if you feel it's a bit overused as a flavoring, you can swap this fall spice out for ginger, cardamom, or orange zest instead

Another way to customize this recipe is by changing up the apples themselves. While Randles suggests using either Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, or Honeycrisp, she says you can use a mixture of different types of apples. You could also swap out the apples for pears as these have a similar texture and will also dry to a nice chip-like consistency. Bananas, while moister, can also be chipified, although they may require a little more time in the air fryer. Both of these fruits can also be seasoned with cinnamon or other spices, but they (and the apple chips) can be left naked if you prefer the flavor of unadorned fruit.