The Mashed Bros Played Soda Roulette With Some Truly Wacky Flavors

Brothers Scott and Brian Wilson are never afraid to try some new food. As evidence, look no further than when the Mashed Bros taste-tested 12 different bugs. This time around, they took on a new adventure: consuming nameless sodas to guess their flavors. But these beverages weren't your average brands like Sprite or Pepsi. From mustard to dirt, soft drinks can come in surprisingly wacky flavors, and the Wilsons did their audience a favor by trying them all (or close enough). Most folks probably weren't planning to sample these in the first place, but the brothers certainly gave people plenty of additional reasons not to do so.

In their roulette game, Scott and Brian chose a random number between one and 20, and then drank the corresponding beverage. Having 20 gross flavors back to back would be quite the challenge, so they were happy to get some softballs in the mix, like a simple La Croix. As is natural for this sort of experience, the Mashed Bros used sight and smell to determine the threat level of each mystery concoction before gulping it down. Whether via cautionary sip or brave swig, they had viewers laughing with (or at) them throughout their weird journey.

The good, the bad, and the grassy

Many of the beverages featured in the video were soda flavors so bad, it's hard to believe anyone would drink them, such as bacon. (Who would be that product's target consumer, anyway? Besides the Mashed Bros, of course.) Thanks to the soft drinks' sometimes pungent tastes, Scott and Brian managed to guess nine out of the 20 correctly, though that's being generous — venturing "vanilla cream" and "piña colada" for coconut cream lime soda is impressive, but not quite on the nose. Distinctive profiles like pickles and sweet corn were easy to pinpoint, while Mountain Dew and orange Gatorade had the advantage of familiarity.

The more complex and gross-out examples, however, left the Mashed Bros in the dark. To them, the dirt-flavored one tasted like leather and new shoes, while PB&J reminded the Wilsons of "cotton candy if it was in a bag of grass clippings." Speaking of which, the two thought that just about every beverage with a green tint was going to be grassy. Even so, their intuition was of no help when the real grass-flavored soda came around for their final drink. They determined it tasted like "if you stepped on a watermelon in the yard." After testing 20 unconventional soft drinks, it's no surprise the culinary sensations began blurring together.