We Tried Truly Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer, And It Will Add Spice To Any Event

In a world of food crossovers, one company has given us the pairing we didn't know we needed. Hard seltzer brand Truly brings the heat to game day with its new Hot Wing Sauce hard seltzer. This flavor was released just in time for the Super Bowl and brings together two big game classics: hot wings and alcohol. This is truly a unique pairing and it might just work. Spicy drinks are nothing new – jalapeño margaritas, for one, are a popular and delicious beverage. 

In this case, Truly's product really could go either way: a tantalizing combination or proof that these two items should never have been put together. Of course, we had to test it for ourselves to see if this drink was a touchdown or a fumble. We received a sample of this product in exchange for our unbiased review. All opinions are based on first-hand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer.

Wait, are there real chicken wings in it?

To answer the obvious question, no, there are no chicken wings in this drink. In fact, there may not even be actual hot wing sauce in this drink. According to the label, the drink consists of water, alcohol, cane sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, sea salt, and sweet potato and carrot concentrate for color. None of this is too surprising, as many hard seltzers rely on "natural flavor" for their drinks. But it does make us wonder what that natural flavor is. 

The goal here seems to be to emulate the experience of a spicy hot wing without including one in the drink, and for that, we are grateful. The company is toeing the line between unique and downright strange with this new product. Plus, it means that this drink is acceptable to vegetarians and vegans, as far as we can tell. The ingredient list doesn't give us much to go on, but it certainly appears that way. We also appreciate the use of vegetable-based color — especially carrots, which are a classic hot wing accouterment.

The company also included packets of ranch powder to make a ranch dressing chaser, which is a hard pass from us. Luckily, we think the drink does just fine without it. However, if you are a ranch person, you do you and give it a try.

There is not much in it

As there is no actual chicken in this drink, we are sorry to say you will not be getting a hit of protein. In fact, as nutrients go, there is not much of anything in this drink, for better or worse. Despite using vegetables for color, this drink has no significant vitamins or minerals, nor is there any fiber in it either.

However, the seltzer is fairly low in sugar, with just 3 grams per 16-ounce can. It only contains 6 grams of carbohydrates and 85 milligrams of sodium. Both of these values are relatively low for average dietary needs. Each can of Hot Wing Sauce seltzer contains 140 calories, which is less than a typical beer. While there isn't much good in it, there isn't much bad either. The drink has an alcohol content of 5%, which is right around the average for a beer or hard seltzer. Truly, you could do worse than this drink.

Where can I get my hands on it?

If you heard the phrase "hot wing sauce hard seltzer" and immediately thought, "Sign me up!" we've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that there is still time to get your hands on the Truly Hot Wing Sauce hard seltzer. The bad news is that time is running out. Online sales of the drink have already sold out, so if you want to try it, head to your local beer distributor to see if you can snag some cans before they are all gone.

As we mentioned, this particular flavor is a special release for Super Bowl LVIII. The product is on the market as of January 29, but only for a limited time while supplies last. The drink is available in a four-pack of seltzer cans, which will cost you $24. This flavor is also found at Truly LA, a bar and event space in Los Angeles.

How it compares to other similar items

Truly sells many popular flavors, and the company loves to offer limited edition ones as well. We have to say this is one of the more creative options the company has released. Currently, Truly offers a Getaway Mix of limited edition flavors. Each of these is fruit-flavored; for example, Arctic Berry and Mountain Pear-adise. These choices seem rather tame in comparison to Hot Wing Sauce.

Even the company's self-proclaimed "bold" flavors are just versions of spiked lemonade and punch. There is nothing wrong with these, and they are probably good. But they just don't hold the same level of chaotic beverage choice that Hot Wing Sauce does.

Even if we end up never drinking this seltzer again, we have to admire the company for breaking out of its comfort zone and trying something new and different. We just hope this is not the brand's introduction to premiering novelty flavors instead of flavors that are genuinely interesting and taste good.

This seltzer delivers on a promise

This drink was surprising in a good way, and our first impression was intense. The minute you open the can, the smell of hot wing sauce hits you, and the bubbles begin to burn your nose. We have to hand it to Truly; the scent is pretty close to the real deal. The second thing we noticed was the bright pink color, reminiscent of a Barbie hot wing sauce seltzer. This is not necessarily bad, just not what we expected. For this flavor, orange or perhaps red would have been more appropriate; even clear would have matched the promotion a little better.

Now for the taste. Whatever those natural flavors are, the brand nailed it. This really tastes like a hot wing sauce, with a hint of spiciness but not overly so. It is about as spicy as your average Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce. We would describe the taste as similar to taking a swig of beer after eating a bunch of wings. The hot wing sauce is odd, but frankly, it is not bad. Weirdly, it almost makes us want to seek out a plate of hot wings.

We probably would not choose to drink this flavor regularly, but on a special occasion, we would drink it for the novelty. One small glass is enough, though.


We received this drink and all information regarding it from the manufacturer. All opinions are those of the writer. For this review, we made sure to try the drink at an appropriately chilled temperature and in the cup provided by the manufacturer. The drink was also tasted by someone who enjoys hot wing sauce and hard seltzer. The beverage was judged based on how true it stayed to the promoted flavor and whether or not we would drink it again.