Martha Stewart And Brittany Mahomes Have More In Common Than You Might Think

When it comes to entertaining guests or planning the perfect traditional table for Thanksgiving, Martha Stewart is the person who first springs to mind. She's authored close to 100 books, with topics ranging from designing the quintessential wedding to creating the perfect crafts for your holiday table. Stewart even has a line of CBD products, but her most recent foray was into the world of football while attending Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, February 11. There, she surprised fans by greeting soccer player (and Patrick Mahomes' wife) Brittany Mahomes like an old friend.

While we know Stewart's list of friends runs the gamut from Snoop Dogg to the Kardashians, her Instagram photo featuring Mahomes and her hugging still sparked some confusion from fans. "Martha and who???" wrote one commenter. But Stewart and Mahomes have more in common than you might think, highlighted by Stewart's caption, "one sports illustrated swimsuit to another!"

The two seemed to bond over their shared experience

Despite being well known recently as Taylor Swift's new BFF, Brittany Mahomes has been busy lately with another project: modeling for the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. This just happens to be an experience Martha Stewart recently had also, as the iconic businesswoman became one of four models for the magazine's 2023 Swimsuit Edition — which is exactly what Stewart's Instagram caption was all about.

As a woman who's proven she's not shy about posting sultry photos on Instagram, Stewart didn't let her age stop her from modeling for the iconic cover. She told the magazine she knew her appearance was historic and said, "I want other women to feel that they, also, could be on the cover of Sports Illustrated." Mahomes, who is the 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie, can more than relate to Stewart's sentiment. In her own interview, she said something eerily similar, "I want people to know that they can accomplish anything, even things you never thought would be possible in your wildest dreams."

There aren't a lot of scenarios in which we envision Stewart and Mahomes hanging out, but given their new connection, it's exciting to see the pair meeting up and embracing at the Super Bowl, bonding over their shared experience. Maybe we'll see a partnership between the two in the future!