What Jeremy Renner Eats While On Set - Exclusive

It's no secret that actors who find themselves in starring roles within the Marvel Cinematic Universe are held to certain fitness standards. Superhero actors often have to bulk up on muscle, and that typically requires an intense exercise regimen and a strict diet — though, that strict diet might not necessarily be calorie-restricted, as was seen when Chris Pratt lost weight for his roles while still eating 4,000 calories each day. So what does a superhero eat when they're on set? 

In an exclusive interview, Mashed spoke to Jeremy Renner about what he eats every day and what he eats when he's working on a movie. Renner, who partnered with Silk for a Super Bowl ad spot, spoke about how he incorporates Silk's plant-based milks into his daily diet, which has been highly health and wellness-focused since he's been recovering from his 2023 near-fatal snowplow accident. Luckily, a commitment to health and wellness isn't a new concept for Renner, due to his role as Marvel's Hawkeye. He told us that when filming, "You have to eat much cleaner, much leaner. It's a lot of veggies and meats, pretty much. Typically, you're on set and then you're always eating, so you want to be eating good stuff and not just snacking. We snack on whole foods and good foods and, always, I still use my Silk protein milks, so it's been great."

Jeremy Renner's recovery with Silk

Jeremy Renner also gave us some more insight into how his diet has evolved to boost his recovery efforts. He said, "I have to work on nutrients and internal wellness ... I had a lot of blood transfusions ... Your body goes into a lot of shock and trauma through surgeries. [My diet now is] generally more focused [on] whatever's missing in my body."

He clarified that beginning his mornings with a protein shake made with Silk helps jumpstart his day with the nutrients he needs, and that "anything after that is a bonus." When it's time for him to throw together that Silk-based protein shake, he said he reaches for some kind of fruit — bananas, strawberries, or blueberries — and then he adds Silk's Protein Almondmilk or unsweetened vanilla Almondmilk. For Renner, who was already using Silk in so much of his daily life and on the set of his movies, it was just a natural choice to partner with the brand for his first Super Bowl ad appearance.

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