The Burrito That Made Eric André Cry Tears Of Joy - Exclusive

It's not every day you have a burrito that is so good it makes you weep. Comedian Eric André travels all over the world for his job and gets to eat wherever he goes, but there is one thing that stands out to him. In an exclusive interview promoting Nestle's #DrumstickMonday petition to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday, he told us about a recent trip to San Francisco. "I just had one of the best burritos of my life recently," said André. He went on to say, "San Francisco has the best burritos in the world."  

Where was this fateful burrito that changed André's life? At Taqueria Can-Cún. Taqueria Can-Cún has three locations in the San Francisco area, so if you are around, you too can get a life-changing burrito. Perhaps even more amazing than the burrito is how André found it in the first place. Per André, he tried out Can-Cún because of recommendations from Jack Black and Chris Garcia. That is one heck of an endorsement from the comedy community. 

Delicious filling options

When asked for his order, André recalled, "I got a super burrito. I got it with either chorizo or carne asada. I don't really remember. It was so good." The super burrito comes with meat, rice, beans, onions, cilantro, cheese, avocado, and sour cream. While André might not remember specifically what meat he got, he does remember the quality. He raved that the burrito was "So good. Took my breath away. This burrito made me cry."

If you find yourself in the market for a good burrito, Taqueria Can-Cún, you can get anything to your taste. In addition to carne asada and chorizo, the restaurant offers a wide selection of meat, including chicken, al pastor, carnitas, cabeza (beef head), lengua (beef tongue), and sesos (beef brains). They even have a vegetarian burrito for those who don't want meat. We will be sure to make a point to try these amazing burritos from Taqueria Can-Cún the next time we're in the Bay Area.

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