Aarón Sánchez's Tips For Pairing Tequila And Tacos - Exclusive

Tacos and tequila are a well-loved combination. Of course, with so many types of tacos and tequila out there, finding the perfect pairing can be difficult for those at home. Recently, Mashed had the chance to speak with renowned chef Aarón Sánchez in an exclusive interview given prior to his appearance at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, where he is hosting the Tacos & Tequila dinner by Tequila Cazadores. During this conversation, he gave us his best tips for pairing tacos and tequila.

When it comes to this combination, Sánchez said it's important to keep in mind both acidity and any sort of tropical flavors that might be present in the spirit or the taco toppings and protein. Noting that a great tequila has herbaceous qualities that need to be considered, Sánchez said, "There's a little bit of that citrus note, obviously, that really comes through, and then the earthiness by way of either aging the tequila or not. And so, when you're thinking about that in a taco, you kind of want to have that perfect harmony."

In practical terms, Sánchez recommended, "a salsa that has a little bit of chili or spice, have a nice sort abundant amount of lime and tons of cilantro herbs, and then make sure that your protein, whatever you're going to pair with your taco, is well marinated and well seasoned." Overall, he opts for a balance between your spirit and taco.

Tequila cocktails to pair with tacos

If you want to go beyond a straight tequila, pair your taco with an easy tequila cocktail. Chef Aarón Sánchez suggests "a straight-up Paloma, which is just the beautiful marriage of grapefruit soda, Tequila Cazadores Blanco, and a squeeze of lime." The Paloma plays into the tropical citrus notes with its grapefruit and lime squeeze. 

The other suggestion from Sánchez is a margarita. "You can make a very simple margarita, which is just orange juice, lime, Tequila Cazadores, and maybe a little squeeze, a little bit of orange liqueur." You will notice that this is not a margarita made with a sugared-up mix. 

Instead, Sánchez suggests two cocktails that bring natural acidic qualities, all of which refer back to his suggestions on pairing tacos and tequila. Lime and citrus, in general, become a common flavor, creating a bridge between both the tacos and the drink. 

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