The Baking Tip That Makes Lining Springform Pans A Breeze

Springform pans really come in handy when baking. They may not be ideal for runny or thin batters, due to their less-than-foolproof seals, but they're an absolute must-have for tarts and cheesecakes that must be delicately removed from their cooking receptacles before being served.

While springform pans make baking items like these easier, lining a springform pan to prevent sticking is far from simple. How do you take a rectangular sheet of parchment paper and perfectly line a circular pan? You can trace the pan's outline on the paper and then cut the circle free, but if you've tried that, you know how difficult it is to make the circle exactly the right size.

Some tutorials may tell you to fold up your parchment paper and make a series of cuts that will create a perfectly-sized circle once you unfold it, paper snowflake-style, but there's an even easier method: Just place the parchment paper over the pan's base, attach the sides, and use the lever to tighten them into place, thus securing the paper. Then, just cut the excess paper from the exterior, and you're good to go.

Don't forget to line the sides

Not all baking recipes will instruct you to line the springform pan's sides in addition to the base, but some will. This task, however, can be even more difficult than the one that came before if you don't know what you're doing.

One method for lining the pan's sides is to separate the springform from the base and then balance the springform on its side, on top of the parchment paper, aligning the edges. Using a knife or pencil, mark where the pan ends on the paper. Set your pan aside and fold the paper at your mark, then fold it down again using your first fold as a guide. This will give you two strips of parchment paper with the same width.

Cut these strips free and move on to lining the bottom of the springform pan. Then, just balance your rectangular strips up against the pan's sides. The strips should overlap, and once you pour in your cheesecake batter or press in your pastry dough, the paper will remain in place.