The Best Burger Spot In Los Angeles, According To Owen Han - Exclusive

In terms of history and quality, there is maybe no better city in America to eat a cheeseburger than Los Angeles. You can have any type you want here, from half-pound backyard barbecue-style burgers to immaculately crispy smash patties piled as tall as the Hollywood sign. Because of this, the list of LA's hottest and best burger joints is always in flux, though every once in a while, there comes a grill with enough oomph to make it as a mainstay. 

Being the king comes with a lot of responsibility. Los Angeles local, content creator, and chef Owen Han knows this well. Han's TikTok has earned him the title of "King of Sandwiches," and his creations have captured the views of millions of hungry people. Recently, Han attended the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, where, among other things, he took part in a burger cook-off. We got the chance to catch up with Han for an exclusive interview ahead of the competition to find out what burger is his favorite when he returns to LA. 

Han responded quickly, "Burgers Never Say Die." The restaurant, which started as a pop-up before moving to a permanent take-out and delivery location, is known for having one of the purest smash burgers in LA. Topped with ketchup, mustard, onion, and pickles, Burgers Never Say Die has provoked many longing comparisons to a world where McDonald's actually tasted this good. As Han explained, "They just get such a good crisp char on it."

Simplicity is key for some burger pros

While fancy burgers with all the bells and whistles have their place, Owen Han feels that it's best to look for technique when searching out the best burgers in Los Angeles. "Truthfully, for me, when it comes to burgers, I think the simpler, the better." That is likely what attracts Han to Burgers Never Say Die.

When Shawn Nee started BNSD from his backyard in 2019, he wasn't a cook. Now, after viral success on social media and IRL, it would be hard to convince anyone he isn't. The brick-and-mortar location of Burgers Never Say Die grinds its meat ground in-house, leading to fresh patties that are pressed to perfect edges dubbed as "meat lace." You can choose to have a single (or several), but the toppings stay classic.

Of course, a love of simplicity doesn't stop Owen Han from mixing things up himself, as anyone who has seen his social media knows. For smash burgers, he likes to play with toppings, telling Mashed that his favorite focus is on developing a complex sauce. Still, it is nice to see an appreciation for a simple and delicious burger — especially the best in Los Angeles.