Where To Buy TikTok's Viral Cookie Croissant

Have you heard? The newest croissant sensation is here. Following the successful runs of cronuts, croffles, and cruffins, the cookie croissant is the viral treat of 2024 that TikTokers can't wait to get their hands on, although some travel may be required to make that happen.

For those whose FYPs haven't made it to CroissantTok yet, the cookie croissant — also known as the "crookie" — is a delectable mashup of a croissant and a chocolate chip cookie. Some might assume that it's the brainchild of a trendy bakery in New York City (especially since the massive, creme-filled croissant known as the Suprême was the NYC pastry that had everybody talking a few years back). However, this ingenious pastry hails from the home of the croissant itself, Paris, which is just about the only city where you can find crookies for sale.

The City of Light became the birthplace of the cookie croissant in 2022 when Stéphane Louvard of Maison Louvard came up with the concept. Still, it wasn't until February 2024 that it became the object of the internet's desires, thanks to a viral TikTok video. While you may need to battle other foodies vying for a bite, the boulangerie at Maison Louvard in Paris' 9th arrondissement is still the place to go if you want to sample the original cookie croissant that captivated social media. However, it has started to pop up in bakeries outside of the French capital.

TikTok's viral crookie is starting to show up outside of Paris

Paris can make for a great excursion, but jetting off to France for the viral cookie croissant may not be the most economical choice. Fortunately, this trendy pastry is moving pretty quickly to other parts of the globe.


I was very intrigued by this croissant-cookie hybrid and they actually have managed to pull it off! 🥐 The centre is nice and gooey, but the outside is crispy. Even better if you manage to score one fresh from the oven! #crookie #croissantcookie #croissant #cookie #maisonlouvard #pastry #paris #parisfood

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TikTok duo @thesouthsidescrannerz discovered the crookie at a bakery in Glasgow, Scotland, and Miss Sina's bakery in Sydney, Australia, is also proudly serving the first freshly-made cookie croissants in the Land Down Under. Meanwhile, TikToker @ariana.nathani spotted the mouthwatering social media sensation stateside on March 10 at Janie's Life Changing Baked Goods in New York City.

Crookies are still very much trending, so there's a good chance they'll show up at your local bakery soon. In the meantime, you could also DIY the Parisian delicacy at home by using two store-bought ingredients: butter croissants and chocolate chip cookie dough. Start by cutting each croissant in half, like you would if you were preparing a croissant sandwich, and spread an even layer of cookie dough on the bottom half. Then, put both halves back together and add some extra dollops of cookie dough on top. Place them in the oven for a few minutes until the exterior is flaky and crisp and the interior is warm and gooey. Still, if you want the original and a Paris trip is in your plans, no one could fault you for stopping at Maison Louvard.