You're A Plane Ticket Away From Smelling Like McDonald's French Fries

Americans are often envious that McDonald's has menu items that are only available outside of the U.S., such as arepas and churros. Now, McDonald's Japan is giving international fans a new thing to covet from afar: french fry-scented perfume.

According to Fresh Plaza, McDonald's Japan is set to release a line of perfumes designed to mimic the distinct scent of McDonald's french fries. Although McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. only offer fries in one flavor, McDonald's Japan also sells Shaka Shaka Potatoes; after finding success with the Shaka Shaka Chicken, McDonald's Japan decided to build on that success, giving customers the option to shake their fries with different flavored seasoning packets. In a sort of tribute to those flavors, the perfume collection will include the classic salted McFries scent, as well as two Shaka Shaka flavors: plum nori seaweed salt and garlic black pepper mayo. While this may seem hard to believe, McDonald's Japan apparently confirmed the move with a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

You'll smell good enough to eat

Although McDonald's Japan is known for its quirky collaborations, even local fans couldn't believe their eyes. "It's not April 1st yet...," one commenter wrote on X. McDonald's post also did little to quell suspicions. In front of an image of a person spritzing perfume on their outstretched neck are the three perfume bottles, made to look perfectly like their respective french fry containers. The McFries scent, of course, has the red rectangular packaging with the iconic yellow "M." The plum nori seaweed salt and garlic black pepper mayo bottles, on the other hand, are made to look like tiny, white Shaka Shaka bags — a visual almost too surreal to accept as genuine.

This isn't the first time a french fry-scented perfume took the internet by storm. In February 2022 — just before Valentine's Day — The Idaho Potato Commission released a limited edition perfume that made you smell just like Idaho Potato french fries. McDonald's Japan has yet to release any additional information about the price or release date of this perfume collection. If it is a legitimate product offering for McDonald's customers in Japan, though, it might only be a matter of time before fans from across the world book flights to the island nation just to snag a bottle.