The Fresh Herbs You Need For The Most Savory And Aromatic Turkey Pot Pie

Sometimes, you just need a hearty meal packed with comforting, homestyle flavors. When these moments roll around, a delicious turkey pot pie is one of the easiest and most satisfying choices. While most cooks may focus on more prominent ingredients like the turkey or crust, the real secret to a perfectly savory, ideally spiced pot pie lies in the herbs used.

Two types of herbs are all that's needed to complement the balanced yet indulgent flavors of Mashed's comforting turkey pot pie recipe: fresh sage and rosemary. Mashed recipe developer Mackenzie Burgess says just a chopped tablespoon of each is enough to develop the aromatic flavor that puts this pie far ahead of competitors. Burgess notes, "I've even had friends and family try this pot pie and say, 'Wow, this is the best pot pie I've ever had! What did you put in it?' and they're always shocked to hear about the fresh sage and rosemary snuck in."

But the presence of these two herbs should be no surprise to experienced cooks. They're among the foundation of many commercially produced dried poultry seasonings, alongside others like thyme and marjoram.

Easy to substitute, easier to grow

Fresh rosemary and sage differentiate Mackenzie Burgess' turkey pot pie. However, those who can't track down fresh sprigs of the herbs or who need to whip up a meal in a pinch without them can typically substitute dried versions. Rosemary and sage follow the typical rules for subbing dried spices for fresh, using a third as much. In this case, that means a teaspoon of dried instead of a tablespoon of fresh. If you struggle to find even dried versions of these herbs, potential substitutes for rosemary include caraway seeds and thyme while marjoram can work in place of sage.

One way to ensure you always have fresh herbs on hand is to grow them yourself! Rosemary and sage are among the easiest herbs to grow at home in most areas of the United States. Even those without outdoor space can get involved, as both are friendly to container growing indoors.

While fresh herbs are an easy and reliable option, they're definitely not the only way to upgrade your pot pie. Some prefer to roast the vegetables rather than sauteeing for more intense flavor or swap out the traditional crust for puff pastry or even phyllo dough. You can even add a pop of decadence to your turkey pot pie with some creamy cheese or truffle shavings or oil. Just don't forget the rosemary or sage while experimenting with flavor renditions.