The Regional Costco Ice Cream Sandwiches That Deserve To Be At Every Location

Nothing else satisfies like a sweet, frozen treat on a hot day, and over the years, Costco has developed a reputation for stocking some of the best. Many shoppers are obsessed with the fruity Melona ice cream bars that it carries during the warmer months, and Kirkland Signature's vanilla ice cream has even earned Reddit's stamp of approval. Now, it appears that Costco's frozen desserts (at least, in some areas of the country) are getting a new shelf neighbor.

"Saw the best ice cream sandwiches being stocked," a Reddit user posted on April 9 to the Costco subreddit. Their post included a photo displaying several cases of Nightingale ice cream sandwiches, which the chain is selling in 18-count boxes for $19.99. For those not privy to the Richmond, Virginia, delicacy — these viral dessert sammies are handcrafted with 14% butterfat ice cream, fresh-baked cookies, and homemade inclusions, a combination that Nightingale claims, "evokes the tastes of childhood with new-age sophistication."

The company makes its sandwiches in several flavors, although Costco's 18-pack is only available in the fan-favorite Cookie Monster variety, which features cookie crumb-infused vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between two chocolate chip cookies. Nightingale also offers the treats in a "chomp" size, which is about half of the size of its typical sandwiches. Still, at 2.6 ounces each (and nearly 2 inches thick), these sammies seem like enough to satisfy — though only Costco cardholders who live in the Northeast will be able to test that theory.

Nightingale's ice cream sandwiches are hard to find

Unfortunately for folks in other parts of the country, Costco's 18-packs of Nightingale's Cookie Monster ice cream sandwiches are exclusively available at warehouses in the Northeast. Based on the buzz surrounding these frozen novelties, cardholders in this region should feel pretty lucky that they're the chosen few to be graced with this Costco find.

Deemed "the pinnacle of ice cream sandwiches" by one commenter on the April 9 Reddit thread, the dessert has earned praise from all corners of the internet. One TikTok user was particularly impressed by how soft the cookie exterior stayed despite coming from a freezer, while others were impressed by the overall size of the treat. "If you haven't tried them," the creator of the Reddit post wrote, "Nightingale sandwiches are truly life-changing," which, if you ask us, feels like enough justification to put Nightingale's ice cream sandwiches in every Costco location.

For folks outside of the Northeast region of the U.S., all is not lost. As Nightingale told one fan on Facebook, the brand is "hopefully expanding to more areas" in the future.