Pop-Tarts' Unfrosted Strawberry Trat-Pops, Explained

If you haven't heard, Netflix is releasing a movie written, directed by, and starring Jerry Seinfeld. It's called "Unfrosted," and it will tell a completely fictional story about the creation of Pop-Tarts through Seinfeld's signature genre of comedy. It may be hard to believe, but Seinfeld made this directorial-debut film without consulting Pop-Tarts. Lucky for him, the company didn't mind. In fact, in an email sent to Mashed, Pop-Tarts expressed that it's flattered by the movie and is leaning into the film by releasing limited-edition "Unfrosted Strawberry Trat-Pops."

The "Trat-Pops" box is straight out of Seinfeld's film. It features the face of Bob Cabana (Seinfeld's character and the fictional creator of Pop-Tarts), as well as the odd typo, "Trat," which — Pop-Tarts insists — will make more sense after the movie's release. Fans can try to get their hands on this unique box by entering a giveaway on the Pop-Tarts website. Starting April 29, you can enter for a chance to win this "official box from the unofficial movie" — and you can figure out what "Trat-Pop" means after the movie's Netflix premiere on May 3. As Pop-Tarts explained, the box can function as both a fun collectible item and a "tasty movie snack." (If luck doesn't send a Trat-Pop box your way, why not try our copycat Pop-Tart recipe at home?)

Unfrosted Pop-Tarts are a classic variety

Alongside the limited release of Unfrosted Strawberry Trat-Pops, Pop-Tarts also released a YouTube short starring and written by Jerry Seinfeld. In the short, Seinfeld is brought to the Pop-Tarts C-Suite and confronted by the company's fictional president, who asks, "Are you familiar with the concept of trademark infringement?" Seinfeld responds (while snacking on an Unfrosted Pop-Tart), "That sounds complicated." The video also resurrects the Pop-Tarts mascot, which became a meme at a 2023 college football game when it was eaten by the winning team (unlike the Trat-Pop, though, this mascot does have frosting).

Although the Trat-Pop may be a fictional invention, the concept of Unfrosted Pop-Tarts is not. In fact, some may remember that the original Pop-Tarts of 1963 didn't even feature any frosting. It wasn't until 1967 that Pop-Tarts created an icing that wouldn't melt off in the toaster, and the topping has been around ever since. Even so, Unfrosted Pop-Tarts are still available, and while they might not place highly in a ranking of Pop-Tarts flavors, they're certainly a classic.