Can You Eat Canned Bacon Straight Out Of The Tin?

Bringing home the bacon takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the canned variety. While we traditionally think of bacon as needing a stovetop sizzle, canned bacon offers a convenient way to enjoy the breakfast staple without cooking.

Because canned bacon is already cooked, it can be eaten straight from the tin. This makes it especially useful to consume either on the go or at home without the oily mess (and subsequent cleanup). Part of the untold truth of canned bacon is that it's well-suited for outdoor excursions such as hiking, hunting, fishing, and more. Canned bacon even made its way to Antarctica alongside explorer Ernest Shackleton in the early 1900s and is sometimes referred to as "survival bacon" because of its long shelf life.

For consumers looking to purchase canned bacon, it's available from a few brands, including Yoders and CMMG Tactical Bacon, both of which retail the product in 9-ounce containers that include approximately 40 slices per can. We recommend checking online or at your local camping and outdoor supply shop.

How to enjoy your canned bacon from the tin

Once you're ready to enjoy your bacon, you will need to remove the entire can's contents. The strips will likely be wrapped in a plastic layer. Then, you can either eat it as it is or add it to recipes. Those who have eaten canned bacon have described its taste as smoky and rich but have also noted that it can be a bit greasy.

Although canned bacon may not taste or feel exactly like it's been freshly cooked in a skillet, it still makes a tasty addition to dishes such as BLTs, bacon and eggs, bacon-wrapped shrimp, our bacon lovers' grilled cheese, creamy soups, or atop loaded baked potatoes or french fries. 

While most foods spoil with age, canned bacon will stay fresh for at least a decade. This means that you can stock up on bacon without the risk of it going bad. If this has you curious, there are many types of canned meats and unexpected ways to use them to explore.