May Aldi Finds You Need For The Best Backyard Barbecue

Summer is on its way, which can only mean one thing: It's time to prepare for backyard barbecue season! Fortunately, Aldi is already one step ahead. After kicking off summer early with seasonal chips, the grocery chain is releasing some new summer essentials that are sure to clinch your title as the best backyard barbecue host. Starting May 1, Aldi will roll out everything from drink mixers to patterned dishes for your next sunny celebration.

Foodies planning to take on grilling duties will find bold-flavored meats sure to pair well with Aldi's BBQ sauces (which Instagram loves), while those just looking to relax will be able to kick back in the shade from one of Aldi's new backyard decorations. No matter what your preferred barbecue activity may be, we've compiled a list of finds that'll cover just about any party-supply category for the summer. Look out for these drops throughout the month — who knows, one of them might just be the next Aldi food you need to try before you die.

Cattlemen's Ranch Beef Patties

If you want to serve the best burgers at this year's barbecue, Aldi has you covered. On May 15, these frozen beef patties will hit shelves in two variations: Prime Rib and Pub Style. They're both quick, easy options for grill masters who want to avoid the hassle of prepping patties. Each box will come with six grill-ready burgers, and once available, they'll retail for $8.49.

Nature's Nectar Sparkling Drink Mixers

Fruity, sparkling juice sounds like the perfect addition to your next summer cocktail, and thanks to Nature's Nectar, you'll have three flavor options: Watermelon, Pineapple, and Strawberry. Priced at $3.49 per box of four cans, these drinks will be begging to join your liquor of choice for the ultimate refresher. All you'll need is a decorative drink umbrella, and you'll be set when this product drops on May 15.

Specially Selected Plant Based Bun

Every grill master needs a go-to burger bun. Specially Selected's plant-based buns are a great allergen-friendly option that's free of dairy, lactose, eggs, artificial flavors, and GMO ingredients. Packages will come in either the Brioche or Burger variety, both of which are priced at $2.79. They're set to accompany Cattlemen's Ranch Beef Patties on May 15 for a set of burger essentials you won't want to miss.

Crofton Serving Tray or 6pc Storage Bowls

Nothing screams backyard summer barbecue like festive dishes. With Crofton's serving tray and six-piece collection of storage bowls, both of which will be released on May 8, your cocktails and burgers will have a throne perfect for your guests' grazing (plus, you'll have convenient storage for your leftovers). Covered in various summery fruits like lemons, watermelons, and avocados (yes, avocados are fruits, too), the kitchenware will retail for just $9.99.

Simply Nature Chicken Sausage

Don't worry, burger haters — Simply Nature didn't forget about you. With any luck, these organic chicken sausages set to hit Aldi stores on May 1 will blow regular hot dogs out of the water. With two flavors, Cajun Style and Spicy Italian, you can add a touch of heat to the barbecue menu for $4.99 — and you might even win over die-hard burger lovers.

Crofton Cabana Sipper

Every tropical serving tray needs some matching cups. Shaped like a pink or green cactus, a pineapple, or a flamingo, Crofton's newest drinkware line comes with twistable lids, straws, and plenty of fun for the whole family. On May 8, you can pick up these reusable party cups for $5.99 each and give your barbecue drinks the special treatment they deserve.

Park Street Deli Boneless Ribs

It's always a good idea to keep a package of ribs on hand in case the grill master turns out to be not-so-masterful. Park Street's fully cooked boneless pork ribs will come in Honey Jalapeño and Kapow — a combo of garlic and tamarind sauce — and they can be ready to serve with just two to three minutes of reheating. On May 15, you'll find these on Aldi's shelves retailing for $6.99.

Belavi 9-Foot Scalloped Market Umbrella

What would a summer barbecue be without an umbrella to help keep you cool? This Belavi 9-foot umbrella can cover anything from tables to beach chairs, and it retails for $39.99. It features a crank handle, a scalloped edge, a wooden pole, and the potential to be your new favorite (and most useful) decoration. Starting May 15, it'll be available in three colors: Rust, Sheer Bliss, and Green.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Spicy BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

In the realm of sharable appetizers, Mama Cozzi's Spicy BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger take-and-bake pizza has all the cozy flavors you could ask for. Priced at $6.99, this pizza is topped with gouda and mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños. It can keep guests satisfied while they wait for the main course to come off the grill, or it can be a post-barbecue midnight snack. The item is set to drop on May 8.

Crofton Plastic Beverage Dispenser

Sometimes a single Cabana Sipper isn't big enough. If you need to serve more guests than your cup supply can handle, this upcoming Crofton plastic beverage dispenser will no doubt come in handy, and it'll be sure to accommodate the homemade cocktail that your guests won't be able to get enough of. It will retail for $12.99, so be sure to snatch this find early on May 8 before it sells out.

Kirkwood Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs

Not feeling pork or beef as the star of your barbecue? Opt for these frozen Kirkwood Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs instead. Each box will cost $5.99 and contain four 4-ounce skewers. Between the Zesty Mediterranean and Greek options, these kabobs are sure to pack a flavorful punch. Grab them on May 22 so you can add them to your barbecue lineup.

Crane Soft Sided Basket Cooler

Planning a picnic barbecue in the park? This fabric basket cooler is both cute and practical. Once released, you'll be able to get it in the patterns Turquoise Checkered, Striped, Palm Leaves, Honeybee, and Fruit, and each one is decked out with metal handles and a zippered front pocket for storage. This versatile basket will retail for $9.99, and it's set to hit shelves on May 15.

TerraFlame S'mores Cinder Stove

This TerraFlame S'mores Cinder Stove from Solo Stove is powered by gel fuel to create a mess-free tabletop fire pit for just $34.99. Other tabletop Solo Stoves can cost up to $100, so if you're a fan of fire pits, this may just be a must-have. Upon its May 22 release, it'll also come with a s'mores recipe booklet so you can make the ultimate dessert to cap off your barbecue.