Aldi Kicks Off Summer Early With Seasonal Chips

Summer is coming, which means it's time for picnics in the park, coolers on the beach, and dinner in the garden — or hissing at the sun and shutting the curtains. However you want to bring in the warmer weather, Aldi has a selection of seasonal chips (and popcorn) to keep your mouth busy.

The budget giant is no stranger to seasonal product drops, introducing a new line of frozen cocktails that screamed summer in May, 2023. This time around, Aldi is focusing on your snack bowls rather than your cocktail glasses, bringing back a bunch of flavors, which it showcased on Instagram. The chip flavors are all part of the Clancy's brand and include spicy dill pickle, hot honey, Everything but the Bagel, cheddar and jalapeño, and all dressed. The all dressed chips are quite popular in Canada, according to one Instagram commenter, with another user going as far as to say the U.S. version is better ... when it's available, that is.

Clancy's dill pickle is the sole confirmed popcorn flavor, which was a big Aldi-shopper hit when it was sold back in 2022. Even so, a partially-obscured popcorn bag in the reel clearly shows that jalapeños feature in another variation.

Choosing a dip for your seasonal chips and popcorn

Although the Instagram reel doesn't state when the chips will be in stock — and at time of writing, none are listed on Aldi's website – you should have time to organize a chip-slash-popcorn-and-dip bonanza as the snacks "will be in stock all summer long." If you're feeling slightly confused at the thought of dipping popcorn, don't fret. Whether it's sweet or salted, popcorn is a perfect canvas for hot sauce. In fact, hot sauce would pair beautifully with that mystery jalapeño flavor if you're a fan of spice. You may want to get some skewers, though, unless you want sticky fingers. Popcorn may taste great with a dipping sauce, but it's not structurally made for dipping in the same way that chips are.

Speaking of chips, the sheer number of chip flavors on offer in Aldi's summer selection means you probably don't want to only use one dip. Pairing foodstuffs and bowls of dip incorrectly is a pretty common mistake people make with homemade dips and shop-bought ones alike. Keep your flavor profiles in mind and choose a variety to get the most out of each chip-and-dip combination. A hot honey dip would naturally complement the hot honey chips, for example, and a spicy salsa would enrich the cheddar and jalapeño flavor. Considering what would match your chips (or popcorn) can go a long way in terms of helping you decide which dips you should splurge on or avoid.