What We Know About Gordon Ramsay's Cycling Accident

On June 15, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) that he had been in a serious cycling accident in Connecticut earlier that week. The chef said, "Honestly, I'm lucky to be here," as he explained the incident in a short video. Although the details of the accident are unknown, Ramsay wrote on Instagram, "I did not break any bones or suffer any major injuries." According to the chef, he was treated at Lawerence + Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut.

Thankfully, Ramsay said that he was doing okay but was shaken up after the "really bad accident." In the video he shared to X, Ramsay lifted the shirt of his chef's uniform to reveal a huge purple bruise that seemed to cover a large portion of his torso and abdomen. Ramsay then said, "I am a bit bruised up, looking like a purple potato." The chef explained that he was still in pain after the accident and that it had been a brutal week, but nonetheless, he was "sort of getting through it."

Ramsay stressed the importance of wearing a helmet

Gordon Ramsay called the trauma surgeons, doctors, and nurses who looked after him "amazing" and expressed his gratitude for all of them, but he also emphasized that the real life-saver was his helmet. Ramsay shared a photo of his helmet and biking clothes in his Instagram post, and all appeared to have taken a beating during the accident. Ramsay is an accomplished athlete and avid cycler, participating in events like triathlons and even competing in an Ironman race in 2013. "I don't care how short the journey is, I don't care ... the fact that these helmets cost money, but they're crucial," he said in the video shared to X.

Ramsay's video message came just one day before Father's Day, and he took the opportunity to make his message perfectly clear: "WEAR A HELMET!" Ramsay is a father to six children, and this isn't the first time the chef has had a near-death experience. In 2008, Ramsay fell off of a cliff in Iceland while filming a show. His biking accident is another example of the fact that, although you never know what the next day will bring, you can always prioritize safety.