The Viral Hack That Turns Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup Into One Sandwich

Some of the internet's many food hacks are genuinely clever and useful. Others, not so much. There's a hack for tomato soup and grilled cheese (the iconic pairing) that puts the two together in a way that does technically work, even if some may find the method questionable. TikTok creator @jortskitchen is known for using culinary creativity to put twists on classics and try out new combinations. One of their hacks involves turning the beloved combo of tomato soup and grilled cheese into one sandwich.

The logistics of containing a liquid within a sandwich seem challenging, but the creator found a way to make it work, and the key to this hack is turning liquid tomato soup into a solid. This involves preparing a tomato soup recipe, adding gelatin, and letting it set in a shallow pan. The resulting solid sheet of tomato soup can be cut and added in between slices of bread with cheese, sandwich-layer style. But don't worry, you don't have to eat gelatinized soup.

By clamping down the bread Uncrustables-style and toasting the sandwich like any grilled cheese, you ensure the gelatin tomato soup will melt from the stove's heat, as it has a very low melting point, and the soup will be contained within the sandwich crust. The result is gushing tomato soup in every cheesy bite.

The hack has TikTok divided

For those who want a grilled cheese and tomato soup sandwich all in one (even if that's not very many people), this hack is a clever solution. It could even be replicated with other delicious grilled-cheese-and-soup pairings, like butternut squash or cream of mushroom. "You are a culinary artist. Keep up the good work," one commenter wrote under @jortskitchen's video. Many TikTok users, of course, also pointed out the hack's similarities to products like Hot Pockets: "So. A grilled cheese uncrustable?" another commenter questioned. Yet another commenter even likened the creation to an "American soup dumpling."


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Other viewers were quick to mention the hack's low practicality. One person commented (somewhat sarcastically), "I just dip my grilled cheese in tomato soup," while another made the keen suggestion, "Just freeze it you do not need to use gelatin." Like using gelatin, freezing the soup would take time, but the advantage is not having to use (or buy) an extra ingredient.

If this hack isn't for you, consider spreading some tomato paste on the bread instead of tomato soup. Even a simple tomato slice could suffice. Regardless, feel free to keep this hack in your back pocket for when the urge to make a fun, experimental recipe arises.