Outback Steakhouse's Raspberry Bread Is A Secret Menu Treat That's Perfectly Sweet

It's no secret that Outback Steakhouse is home to some of the best free bread in the chain restaurant game, but the Aussie-inspired eatery's honey wheat bread is nothing without a dish of whipped butter by its side. Light, fluffy, and delicious, there are practically as many requests for copycat recipes for the condiment on the internet as there are for the restaurant's signature carb.

Still, no matter how close home cooks get to re-creating the delectable spread, butter always tastes better at the restaurant. Plus, when you snag the beloved bread-and-butter combo directly from the steakhouse, you can use a brilliant hack to give it a dessert-inspired twist. All you have to do is request a serving of the raspberry melba sauce that typically accompanies the chain's New York Cheesecake. When everything reaches the table, mix the fruity sauce with the butter to create a raspberry-flavored spread that will give the starter a seriously sweet upgrade.

Over the years, some diners have suggested that raspberry butter is an actual in-house concoction that you can ask for. However, it seems that there aren't too many people who have had success with the request. Fortunately, creating raspberry butter at the table is pretty simple, so if you're a fan of getting your dessert in before the main meal, this Outback Steakhouse secret menu item is one you need to try.

More butter upgrades to try at Outback Steakhouse

A free basket of bread and butter is already a sweet way to start a meal at Outback Steakhouse, but transforming the chain's beloved whipped butter into a raspberry-infused spread makes it all the sweeter. Don't worry about diving into a dessert-like dish before your entree, either. Swapping the order of your courses can help prevent overeating as well as tooth decay.

Of course, the DIY raspberry bread on Outback's secret menu might not be everybody's jam, but if you still want to give the starter a sweet twist, you can substitute the regular butter for the honey butter that typically appears atop the chain's baked sweet potatoes , which you can amplify even further with the addition of cinnamon, brown sugar, or both. On the other hand, if you're more into savory flavor profiles, Outback offers a roasted garlic butter topping for its steaks that you could request along with the bread (though keep in mind, this may tack on an additional charge to your bill). Or go the DIY-route and ask for a side order of chives, which are usually offered with baked potatoes, to mix in with the normal spread to create a delicious compound butter for your bread.