Discontinued Dairy Queen Blizzard Flavors We'll Probably Never Eat Again

Remembering discontinued Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors can be somewhat of a bummer when you know you'll never experience them again. There have been many that only showed up on the menu for one season, never to return. Some Dairy Queen Blizzards had movie or anniversary tie-ins that ensured they were a one-time menu item, while others just weren't a big enough hit for the chain to want them to occupy menu space again.

Some flavors that you may not have seen on the main menu in your Dairy Queen in years aren't gone everywhere though. A few locations keep unofficial flavors from yesteryear on the menu, like Tropical, Hawaiian, and German Chocolate. Others will make anything if you list the ingredients and they have them on hand. Dairy Queen also sometimes reaches back into its past to bring back old Blizzards, but not too far. In 2024, it resurrected Frosted Animal Cookie, Brownie Batter, and Cotton Candy Blizzards. However, some other beloved flavors seemed destined to live only in our memories or in a handful of small-town DQs that have long memories for old flavors.

Wonder Woman Cookie Collision Blizzard

The Wonder Woman Cookie Collision Blizzard arrived in April of 2020, several months ahead of the "Wonder Woman 1984" movie that came out later in the fall of that year. This flavor was all about cookie dough and chocolate.

The ingredients for this flavor included two types of cookie dough — chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate cookie dough — along with yummy fudge. The new Blizzard arrived in restaurants along with WW84-themed cups.

If you were a fan of the Blizzard, you could go a step further and order a Wonder Woman Cookie Collision Blizzard Cake, which would have made Wonder-Woman-themed birthday parties extra fun that year even if they were likely small because of the COVID-19 pandemic quarantines. The cake started with layers of vanilla soft serve, fudge, and crunchy chocolate cookie pieces. There was a final ice cream layer of Wonder Woman Cookie Collision Blizzard. Then, the whole cake was covered with cookie dough pieces.

Zero Gravity Blizzard

The Zero Gravity Blizzard was one of the most unique DQ Blizzards we've ever seen, and it's never coming back. From the very beginning, it was announced as a limited edition flavor to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the American moon landing. The moon landing was in July of 1969, and the Zero Gravity Bilzzard came out in June of 2019. We don't remember any other restaurants doing anything special for the 50th anniversary of sending a man to the moon, so well done, Dairy Queen!

The Zero Gravity was a gorgeous royal treat, featuring blue and black swirls and colorful candy stars and pebbles. The ingredient list included Oreo cookie pieces for moon rocks, mysterious comic swirls, and a cotton-candy-flavored topping. If you ordered it in a location that flips its Blizzards upside down to prove how thick they are, it really should have defied gravity — or at least defied having the ingredients fall out when flipped.

Sour Patch Kids Blizzard

People who love Sour Patch Kids are often game to try other dessert treats that feature them. We've often seen them as add-ons at snow cone shops. So, it makes sense for Dairy Queen to try turning them into a Sour Patch Kids Blizzard. However, they never made it back to the menu after debuting in July of 2019.

While you could certainly chuck a handful of Sour Patch Kids onto some soft serve and call it done, it wouldn't be quite like the flavor that DQ dreamed up since there were several differences. For one, the soft serve contained Sour Patch Kids Red berry flavoring. Also, instead of whole Sour Patch Kids, the treat had tiny chunks of the candy scattered throughout. A blogger who tried it said that the overall flavor profile was tart and sour cherry. Another described the experience as starting off sweet with a slow-developing sour aftertaste. However, encountering pieces of Sour Patch Kids again would punctuate the experience with more sweetness.

Fans have started a petition on Change.org to get the flavor returned to the DQ Blizzards menu. However, it hasn't quite reached 300 out of 500 signatures yet. So, we're not holding out hope.

Salted Caramel Blondie Blizzard

The Salted Caramel Blondie Blizzard hit the menu at the same time as the Frosted Fudge Brownie Blizzard in July of 2017. Neither have made a comeback. The Salted Caramel Blondie Blizzard was created to appeal to both caramel and chocolate lovers with its combination of salted caramel blondies and caramel flavoring mixed with choco chunks (velvety, bite-sized chocolate chunks) and praline candy pieces. Bloggers and other customers say that the praline candy pieces provided a sugary crunch and gave the treat a more toffee-like flavor. However, the salted caramel flavor wasn't as strong as they would have liked or detectable at all.

When a salted caramel treat doesn't have much of a salted caramel profile, it's not going to have a lot of menu staying power. While the Salted Caramel Blondie didn't seem to work out for Dairy Queen, its Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard has returned to the menu several times.

M&M's Peanut Butter Monster Cookie Blizzard

One Blizzard flavor that customers fondly remember is the M&M's Peanut Butter Monster Cookie. It was built for those with a monstrous love of peanut butter and chocolate.

The M&M's Peanut Butter Monster Cookie contained both peanut butter cookies and peanut butter to cover your peanut cravings in different ways. It also contained Milk Chocolate M&M's and choco chunks to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

The last time this flavor hit the menu was July of 2016, but that wasn't the first time D&Q had it available. Redditor u/TrueThisSilverDiffic said, "Monster Cookie is still the best Blizzard I've ever had. I remember it in 2006, 2016, and am hoping it comes back in 2026 (or sooner). If it does, everyone I work with knows I'm buying several extra larges and freezing them." The 10-year time difference between releases was a nice coincidence, but we're not sure we really expect it to show up in 2026.

Grasshopper Mousse Pie Blizzard

The chocolate and mint combo is always a popular one, but the Grasshopper Mousse Pie hasn't been seen at Dairy Queen since 2016. For a couple of years, it was available fresh for spring in March, but then it disappeared from the menu altogether.

The pie crust pieces for this one were crumbles of graham cracker pie crust. It had cool mint flavored syrup added, along with choco chunks. Plus, it came with a whipped topping both in and on top of the treat. Customers on social media seemed to have mainly loved it. However, there were mixed reactions to the amount of mint in the dessert, either not thinking it was minty enough or liking the fact that it didn't overwhelm the rest of the flavors.

Some employees still attempt to make it upon request when there's mint syrup available. However, they don't always have all the ingredients since graham pie crust crumbles are only available when a flavor like S'mores is on the menu.

Guardians Awesome Mix Blizzard

Dairy Queen released the Guardians Awesome Mix Blizzard in May of 2017 to correspond with the release of the "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" movie. Since this collaboration with Marvel was to help promote a specific movie, we don't expect to see it cycle around again. Even if DQ has another "Guardians of the Galaxy" treat in the future, it's likely to have different flavors next time around.

This was a special ice cream treat containing brookies (a cross between cookies and brownies), choco chunks, and caramel. Brookies aren't regularly available, but when they show up in other flavors (like the Oreo Brookie Blizzard), you could certainly attempt to get this flavor again by listing off the ingredients if this is a flavor you miss. One interesting bonus of this concoction was that it came with a chance to win one of 1,000 real mixtape cassettes that would give info about claiming another reward, ranging from DQ gift cards to signed movie posters.

Banana Cream Pie Blizzard

Banana Cream Pie is one of many pie-based Blizzards that have been on the DQ dessert menu over the years. Some of the more recent pies you could find in a Blizzard have been French silk, pumpkin, and pecan pie. However, Banana Cream Pie Blizzard hasn't been seen since around 2015. So, we're not holding out any hope of seeing it return to the menu.

The Banana Cream Pie flavor is reported to have contained pie crust chips and fresh banana slices. Plus, it also had a secret ingredient mixed in to make the whole treat taste more banana-cream-pie-like: powder from a banana cream pie pudding mix. Unlike most Blizzards, it also came with whipped cream as a garnish.

Some employees have tried to recreate it with pie crust chips, banana slices, banana syrup (if available), and a whipped cream topping. However, customers on social media say it's not quite the same without the pudding powder.

Jurassic Smash Blizzard

In May of 2015, Dairy Queen released Jurassic Smash Blizzard to coincide with the release of the "Jurassic World" movie. The flavor also came with the release of six unique movie-themed cup designs. Its agreement with Universal Pictures was the first time in over 20 years that DQ had collaborated with a movie release, and it started a trend for the chain. The movie collaboration and cups were also special because they helped the restaurant celebrate its 75th birthday.

Since nobody wanted a Blizzard that tasted like real dinosaurs (or at least anyone's best guess), the ingredients in the Jurassic Smash were peanut butter themed. The dessert came with both peanut butter cookie dough and smashed peanut butter cookies. Because dinosaurs smash?

The next time Dairy Queen created a "Jurassic"-movie-themed Blizzard was in 2018 (the Jurassic Chomp With Peanut Butter), and it had completely different ingredients. Although it was still peanut-butter-themed, this time there was chocolate too.

Tripleberry Brownie Blizzard

For fans of berries and brownies, the Tripleberry Brownie Blizzard was likely a great temptation when it came to picking which ice cream treat to order. Unfortunately, after its debut on the menu in August of 2013, it has never reappeared again.

So, which berries did this dessert feature? It came with a single purée made from three different berries: strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Plus, it contained lots of chocolatey brownie pieces.

We didn't find any rave reviews for this product even though it looks as if it should have been a winner. One blogger was disappointed about how hard the brownies were. Also, whether bloggers got a little or a lot of the berry purée, they didn't seem to think that the individual berry flavors were as distinctive as they'd hoped. With customers generally having ho-hum reactions to it, it's no big surprise that it hasn't made a return to the menu.

Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard

Chocolate Candy Shop has only been available twice — once in July of 2012 and again in January of 2013. So, there wasn't a seasonal pattern for this dessert.

This is one that we're sad doesn't exist anymore. It was filled with an assortment of mini chocolate candies with swirls of chocolate fudge. One customer talking about it on Dairy Queen's Facebook page said, "I think it's the best Blizzard ever created! There were so many tiny, adorable, delicious little chocolates hiding among the swirls of chocolate ice cream tastiness. I giggled victoriously while digging my spoon in & exclaimed 'there's just SO MANY little chocolates in here!'"

A blogger who tried it found lots of hazelnut chocolate candies in theirs, while someone replying to a blog reported finding three different types of chocolate candies. So, the experience could have been a little different each time, depending on which candies got scooped into the mix.

Choco Cherry Love Blizzard

Why Choco Cherry Love Blizzards were last available in 2012 around Valentine's Day is a complete mystery to us. We think chocolate and cherries is a classic combination that deserves to be on the Blizzard menu year-around, but they didn't ask us.

The ingredient list was simple, with only choco chunks and sweet cherries swirled into vanilla soft serve. So, technically, knowing the ingredients, a similar dessert should still be easy to order if your local DQ has cherries and is willing to mix those two ingredients for you.

Another flavor that had similar ingredients was the Very Cherry Chip Blizzard. However, one customer on social media was disappointed with Very Cherry Chip Blizzard, saying the two don't taste the same. For now, Very Cherry Chip is just a ghost flavor lurking unavailable on the DQ website. So, there's still a chance it could come back, but Choco Cherry Love is long gone.

Caramel Toffee Cookie Blizzard

Toffee lovers were drawn to the Caramel Toffee Cookie Blizzard when it first hit the DQ menu in April 2011. Since then, the only toffee that has been on the menu is the regularly-occurring Heath Bar Blizzard. However, this one didn't contain any chocolate like the Heath ones. Plus, it added cookies to the mix.

The ingredient list was short. It only contained pieces of toffee cookies and toffee caramels. The cookies included almond pieces which might have surprised some customers who weren't expecting nuts. However, one of the most famous toffee candies, Heath, also contains almonds. So, it seems to be a common pairing with toffee.

Not a lot of people were talking about this treat on social media when it came out. One blogger who tried it found the cookies too crunchy (which was our experience when we last tried the Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard), and the blogger completely missed tasting any toffee.

Reindeer Bites Blizzard

While they had the potential to be seasonal, Reindeer Bites Blizzards only showed up for one holiday season in December of 2010. Despite its Christmas-forward name, it didn't have traditional holiday flavors, which might have had something to do with it never returning.

Dairy Queen doesn't often introduce flavors with coconut, so this one was a rare treat for coconut lovers, especially in winter. Perhaps this is what Santa's reindeers like to eat on tropical islands as they make their way across the world on Christmas night? The ingredients were cookie pieces mixed together with toasted coconut, choco chunks, and caramel, which sounds a lot like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie (or Caramel deLites, depending on your area bakery).

Future years saw holiday flavors like Candy Cane Chill, Candy Cane Oreo, Oreo Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Hot Cocoa, and Frosted Sugar Cookie show up on the menu in December. However, Reindeer Bites has never made a reappearance and probably never will again at this point.

Oreo Brownie Earthquake Blizzard

While the Brownie Earthquake is still available at DQ as a royal treat, the Blizzard version with Oreos, Oreo Brownie Earthquake, hasn't been an official menu item since debuting in August of 2010, during the Blizzard's 25th birthday year. Now, it's been gone long enough that we don't anticipate it ever making a comeback.

Like the royal treat, it contained fudge brownies and hot fudge. It was also blended with Oreos and marshmallows. One blogger who tried it didn't think that Oreos and brownies went together very well in this dessert, but others on social media have been wishing for its return for well over a decade.

Even though it hasn't been on the official menu for years, you could probably still get it if your royal treat maker is willing to do a specialized order. Oreo Cookie Blizzards tend to always be on the menu, so try ordering one with brownie pieces, fudge, and marshmallow. Just be aware that you're probably going to get upcharged for all the extras.

Grape Kool Aid Explosion Blizzard

Grape is not a flavor that often shows up in Blizzards, making the Grape Kool Aid Explosion Blizzard somewhat of a rarity. It came out in 2001 as part of the Blizzard Sweet 16 Celebration, marking the treat's 16th birthday (they first hit the menu in 1985). Back in 2001, you could get a 12-ounce Blizzard for just $1.59.

Grape Kool Aid Explosions Blizzards contained Grape Kool-Aid and snapping candies, which customers assumed were Pop Rocks. So, the ice cream treat had a distinction of crackling and popping in your mouth as you ate it.

A former DQ employee said on Reddit, "When I worked at Dairy Queen I found that the arctic freeze grape flavoring they had could be blended with the ice cream and tasted about the same." Some locations still have a Grape Arctic Rush, so it's potentially doable with a special order. However, you'd have to add your own Pop Rocks to get the same effect.

Nerds Blizzard

While many standard Blizzards have come with chocolate candies over the years, it's the ones with non-chocolate candies that have often been standouts for their novelty. There have been various Nerd flavors turned into Blizzards, including Cherry Nerds, Orange Nerds, Rainbow Nerds, and Strawberry Nerds. There's no reason to add anything but vanilla soft serve ice cream and Nerds to these sweet treats because the candies stand on their own and need no extra help.

Customers remember these flavors from the 1990s fondly enough to continue to ask Dairy Queen to bring them back. For some, it's a flavor they miss from their childhood. In 2016, DQ replied to a social media inquiry about the flavor by verifying its discontinued status and saying that there were no plans to drag it back out of the historical Blizzard vault. We even found an online petition from 2018 that people continue signing to ask DQ to put the flavor back on the menu again. But, alas, we think they're asking in vain.