Who Is Bobby Flay Dating?

While Bobby Flay maybe a super-successful celebrity chef with more than a few hit cooking shows under his toque (or fedora), neither his fame, nor his bank account, nor even his cooking skills can completely compensate for the fact that he can be, at times, a bit hard to get along with. In fact, quite a few of Bobby Flay's nearest and not-so-dearest might even describe him as a real jerk.

Bobby's marriage of 10 years to actress Stephanie March was marred by cheating allegations, as well as one particularly ugly incident where he couldn't even be bothered to visit her in the hospital when she was recovering from a burst appendix. Needless to say, that marriage, which was actually his third, did not end well. Neither did his subsequent relationship with another actress, Helene York, who, Bobby recently admitted, "kicked me to the curb." Perhaps, then, it's not such a shock to realize that Bobby Flay is currently dating... his own monster ego, and nobody else.

​ How long will Bobby Flay stay solo?

On a recent episode of Beat Bobby Flay, guest judge Fran Drescher quizzed Bobby about his relationship status, which prompted his reply that he was "very single." While Fran may have initiated that line of questioning to distract Bobby and throw him off his game so as to give a competitive advantage to the other chef, she then took that distraction to the next level by suggesting she and Bobby go and "look at art together." Bobby then responded, "Are you asking me on a date?"

To date, no paparazzi pics have surfaced of Fran and Bobby at the Met. What has surfaced, however, are a number of tweets from female Flay fans who are intrigued by his apparent availability. From the querulous "@bflay what does a girl have to do to meet you" to the wishful "I had a dream about Bobby Flay last night...he was cooking dinner for me" to the philosophical "Let's talk about why Bobby Flay is hot. I'm unsure why, but he is," it seems Bobby still has admirers who are willing to overlook his obnoxious personality in favor of the aforementioned fame, wealth, cooking skills, or hypothetical hotness.