How Long Will Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich Be In Stock?

Popeye's chicken sandwich is back, y'all... but for how long? Popeyes is promising that this time the sandwich is back for good (via CNN), but then, they admit they were not expecting (nor did they prepare for) the sandwich to sell out quite so soon after it was first introduced back in August. 

Still, they do seem pretty adamant that this time around the sandwich will really, truly be a permanent menu addition, and Popeye's corporate honchos should have had ample time to study all the data that determined just how, when, and why their stockpile of sandwiches fell short the first time around. Hopefully they did the math and ordered sufficient supplies, and, with any luck, the entire supply chain will be prepared to keep up with the expected demand.

How things are looking right now on the Popeyes chicken sandwich front

Popeye's chicken sandwich launched its triumphant return engagement on National Sandwich Day, November 3 ("coincidentally" a Sunday, the one day of the week their rival Chick-fil-A is closed). This occasion wasn't exactly smooth sailing, as it was marked by long lines and wait times (via New York Daily News). What's more, Business Insider reveals that Popeyes chicken sandwich 2.0 may be somewhat smaller and not have quite the same taste as last summer's viral sandwich sensation.

Perhaps you might want to hold off a bit before trying to get your mitts on this menu item — at least until the initial social media frenzy dies down and the sandwich is no longer trending on Twitter or appearing in every Instagram feed. There will come a day —  not this week, and maybe not even this month — but someday in the not-too-distant future, where you'll actually be able to walk right into any Popeyes and order a chicken sandwich like it's just another item off the menu. And on that day, we'll at last know who won the great Chicken Sandwich War — all of us, since we'll finally be free to go to any fast food restaurant we like and order our choice of chicken sandwich without feeling like we're taking sides. 

Can anyone say for sure that Popeyes will never have another issue with suppliers? No. But for now... the sandwich is here to stay.