You Should Never Order The Teriyaki Chicken At Subway. Here's Why

Poor old Subway — sometimes it's hard to see why this beleaguered chain is still in business. Sure, they offer what is claimed to be one of the more nutritious fast-food options out there, and they also have some great deals every now and then which make their bargain-priced food even cheaper. What's more, most of their sandwiches are pretty darn tasty, too.

You'd think a company that built its reputation on healthy eating, though, would pay a little more attention to food sanitation. While on paper, the Subway roasted chicken sandwich may look like one of the most wholesome options available, Subway workers reveal that you may want to steer clear of their chicken in general, and that the chicken teriyaki sub, in particular, is something you should never order.

Why Subway's teriyaki chicken is so dubious

One anonymous UK-based Subway manager took to Reddit a few years ago to answer "anything Subway related," and when asked which sandwiches to avoid, the teriyaki chicken was one of their top picks. This Subway whistleblower revealed a pretty disturbing fact about the teriyaki sub. While for the most, part chicken is given a two-day shelf life, both the teriyaki and chipotle chicken sandwiches can be made from four-day-old meat. Why, they did not say, but perhaps it's due to the stronger flavors of these particular sandwiches which could possibly disguise any "off" flavors.

More horrifying yet — one of the commenters, who worked at a Subway in the U.S., said that the chicken used for the teriyaki subs had a five-day expiration, and that, should it not be used in that time span, the Subway workers were told to just change the date on the package or face a reprimand. They speculated that the meat in the chicken teriyaki subs may be up to nine days old, which... yuck. 

Subway may claim that its sandwiches are "made fresh," but it seems that this claim (at least according to former employees), in the case of those chicken teri-yucky subs, is grossly exaggerated.