The One Food Rachael Ray Simply Can't Stand

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray is one of Food Network's most popular cooking hosts. Her big smile and easygoing personality are hallmarks of the no fuss, 30-minute meal guru. Ray is all about simplicity, and cooking recipes that anyone can easily replicate. She is truly a cooking goddess who has written over a dozen cookbooks. Her humble beginnings — she worked in gourmet markets early on in her career — make us love her even more (via Biography). 

We like to believe celebrity chefs are just like us in that they have a food they are not fond of. Ray is no different. Hate may be too strong of a word, but Ray definitely strongly dislikes one food. Let's just say with Ray, you may want to hold the mayo the next time you make her a sandwich. Her exact words about the condiment (via People): "Shelf-stable mayonnaise creeps me out! I will make an aioli myself and I love Aquafaba, because it's chickpea-based. But it's something about knowing that there's eggs in mayonnaise and that it's sitting on a hot shelf for months and months. It makes me want to retch." 

Mayo is definitely a condiment that people either love or hate. But why? Well, there actually may be a science that explains why people like Ray dislike mayo.

Why Rachael Ray might dislike mayo

Ray is not alone in her disgust for the creamy condiment that is a must-have for some sandwich lovers. In fact, it may be the involuntary reaction of disgust that leads people to dislike mayo. 

Call it a survival instinct, but disgust can save your taste buds. A food sensory consultant told Popular Science that disgust for mayo is real, with the percentage of haters being close to 20 percent. The aversion is so overwhelming, people have even penned songs about their hatred for mayo. 

And just as there is a reason people hate mayo — likely due to the condiment's texture — there is a reason why so many people slather it on their bread and mix it in their sandwich salad fillings. Moist bread makes the meal taste better. But using mayo is not the only way to create this euphoria. Despite the fact that mayonnaise ranked number one on a Daily Meal poll of favorite condiments, there are plenty of others that can do the trick to make sandwiches delicious. 

Ray mentioned the chick pea-based spread she likes, but olive oil, avocados, pesto, or mustard can easily be substituted for mayonnaise