This Is McDonald's Most Underrated Menu Item

Mickey D's has been having a tough time of things lately when it comes to their menu. During the great Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2019, the golden arches was basically a noncombatant. They finally debuted, somewhat late in the game, an entry they called the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, but it met with kind of a "meh" response since it really didn't have much of anything new to offer.

McDonald's best effort at regaining any of their lost popularity came when they dropped two new chicken-based breakfast items, the McChicken Biscuit and the Chicken McGriddle. While there was some initial excitement about the latest additions to the breakfast menu, you couldn't really say that either item launched with great fanfare. While neither item is likely to knock the famed Egg McMuffin off its perch at the top of the McDonald's breakfast hierarchy, the Chicken McGriddle in particular is a sleeper hit as a surprisingly tasty addition to Mickey D's morning lineup. We're therefore proclaiming it to be the chain's most underrated menu item.

Why you should give the Chicken McGriddle a try

The Chicken McGriddle, as Insider characterizes it, is a "delightfully simple," basic fried chicken patty, sandwiched between two of those spongy-sweet pumped-up pancakes Mickey D's calls McGriddles. Business Insider's review team found their chicken to be perfectly spiced. They described the heat level as "[not] a south-of-the-border kind of spicy, but more of an aggressive peppering, which is the perfect level of heat for an otherwise sweet breakfast item." They also found the sandwich, which they called a "captivating collision of salty, savory chicken and a sweet McGriddle bun," to be "deliciously simple," but noted that the flavor combination is an unexpectedly complex one.

If you still think just plain old chicken (spicy or otherwise) on a maple-flavored pancake is a bit too plain, you can always dress it up a bit. McDonald's tweeted out a poll showing honey as everyone's most favored McGriddle topper, with strawberry preserves coming in third and grape jelly fourth. The number two candidate, voted in by all those hedonists out there, was the Chicken McGriddle topped with all three condiments. Wow, okay, maybe not the kind of thing you're going to eat every day, but it probably tastes a lot better than it sounds. While Chicken McGriddles may not be selling like hotcakes just yet, we sure hope McDonald's decides to keep them on the menu.