The Truth About Paul Hollywood's Ex-Wife

Paul Hollywood, celebrity baker and judge of several editions of The Great British Baking Show, seems like a charming (if slightly stand-offish) gentleman on camera, playing his role of senior statesman of the British culinary community to perfection. Away from the camera, however, his persona starts to look a whole lot messier. In real life, Hollywood has been involved in several scandals, many of them related to his apparent inability to, er, keep things under his apron (via Mirror).

The one person who'd had the most to suffer from Hollywood's off-screen antics has been his ex-wife, Alexandra, a one-time scuba instructor-turned-cookbook author. She's actually kind of a double ex, since the couple split up twice due to two separate affairs (his, not hers). Their divorce was final in 2017, but Alexandra at the time chose to remain silent on the split since she was concerned about the feelings of the couple's then-16-year-old son, Josh (via Hello!). Two years later, she finally broke the silence and spoke to Prima magazine about the breakup of her marriage.

How Alex Hollywood felt about the split

While Alexandra told Prima that she was no longer angry with her ex, she also said that there'd be no going back. The two had been together since 1996, and she described it as "an ordinary marriage... with a hiccup in the middle and then an abrupt end." That "hiccup," of course, was his affair with co-host Marcela Valladolid while the two were filming The Great American Baking Show. When this happened in 2013, Alexandra filed for divorce, but Paul begged his way back, claiming it was "the biggest mistake of his life." A mistake he evidently failed to learn from, since four years later the Daily Mail reports that he was caught smooching with Bakeoff winner Candice Brown. At this point, Alex decided to stick a fork in her marriage to the chef. 

Alexandra revealed that things were rough at first, saying "no one should underestimate how separation and divorce can hit you," and comparing the feeling to driving a car that spins out of control. Now, however, she appears to be thriving on her own in the five bedroom, £1.4 million house she received in the divorce settlement. She also seems completely unbothered by the fact that Paul's got a new girlfriend 30 years his junior (via Hello!). While Paul Hollywood seems intent on embodying every midlife crisis cliché, Alex remains a class act, and, according to her Instagram, it looks like she's a pretty amazing cook as well. Food Network, give this woman a show!