You Shouldn't Use A Wooden Spoon To Scramble Eggs. Here's Why

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods out there. Not only can you fry, boil, poach, and even grill your eggs, but Bon Appétit made a video listing 59 different cooking methods for a single egg, meaning there's really no reason to ever get bored of eating them. Of course, one of the most popular cooking methods out there for egg-eaters is the classic scramble. It's no wonder, when you consider just how long they've been around.

According to Reference, the first written record of a scrambled egg came in a 14th century Italian cookbook, but they were likely around for a while before that, since the source says, "There is so much known about fried, roasted, and scrambled eggs that it is not necessary to speak about them." Unfortunately for ancient eaters, they were probably using wooden spoons to scramble their eggs, since the most useful tool for that job wouldn't be invented for a few hundred years (via Medium).

The tool you should be using to scramble your eggs

For those home chefs who still scramble their eggs using a wooden spoon, there is a better tool out there: a silicon or rubber spatula. The reason for this is twofold. First, a wooden spoon will stick to the eggs as they cook, causing you to have to scrape the spoon off awkwardly on the side of the pan after almost every stir (via Eat This, Not That).

Second, as Bon Appétit observes, a stiff wooden spoon just isn't as good at getting between the eggs and the pan, especially where the sides of the pan and the bottom meet. A flexible silicone spatula, on the other hand, is designed for getting into all of those nooks. This also means that less of the eggs will stick around the sides and edges of the pan, resulting in a more evenly-cooked scramble (and no little charred bits that won't come off). So, if you make scrambled eggs every morning, it's definitely worth investing in a rubber spatula or two for your utensil drawer to help make your morning a little easier. After all, no one is at their best before breakfast.