Why You Should Add Sparkling Wine To Your Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are so versatile. You can use them in a variety of ways to create numerous dishes and baked goods. They are good for you. According to BBC Good Food, a medium, hard-boiled egg contains 84 calories, about 8 grams of protein, and just under 6 grams of fat. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals. Add on top of these points that eggs are economical and won't break your grocery budget, and you really do have one of the most perfect foods. Eggs are an easy go-to whether you are whipping up breakfast or an easy dinner during a busy work week. And in the United States, we like eggs. Statista estimates that in 2019, we ate approximately 290 eggs per person. That's a lot of poaching, frying, whipping, whisking, baking, and beating. 

That said, we are always looking for ways to up the egg scrambling game. This method of making eggs seems like the easiest, but you might be surprised to learn it isn't. Gordon Ramsay even uses this dish as a test for potential cooks in his kitchen. Thankfully, most of us are just hoping to make creamy, fluffy eggs to please our family and friends. That's why we think you might want to try cooking your next pan of scrambled eggs with sparkling wine.

Sparkling wine will add a delightfully light texture

The thought of adding sparkling wine to your scrambled eggs may at first raise an eyebrow, but it is a brilliant addition. Food and Wine notes that a dry sparkling wine will really lighten your scrambled eggs' texture. According to their suggested recipe, you should add the sparkling wine to your pan before you add the eggs and allow it to reduce, along with the juices from several of the other ingredients, to about a quarter of a cup. 

Why does sparkling wine work well in your scrambled eggs? Per Eater, the acidity of sparkling wine will actually bring out and enhance the eggs delicate flavors. Additionally, whenever you add something with bubbles like seltzer water or sparkling wine to a hot pan, the bubbles are going to expand as they heat up. This is what creates the light, fluffy texture you end up with when you use this ingredient in your scrambled eggs (via Pure Wow).  When you are pairing wine with eggs, look for a wine that is not tannin-rich to avoid overpowering your meal and making the whole experience unenjoyable.