The Newest M&M's Flavor Might Surprise You

M&M's are easily some of the most colorful candies out there, and while you may first picture milk chocolate when you think of what flavor lurks inside these tiny treat's candy shell, they frequently come in a variety of interesting seasonal and limited-edition styles. While it's true there's no shortage of flavors to choose from (Wide Open Eats reports there will be 25 different types of M&M's this year alone!), it's always welcome news when we hear of a new flavor that will be hitting the market. 

Still, as anyone with taste buds can attest, not all flavors are created equal. Some M&M's varieties might elicit a long look and a shrug when you first hear about them, even if they ultimately turn out to be delicious. Meanwhile, others just instantly scream "best thing ever" from the moment you learn of their existence, regardless of whether you've had a chance to actually taste them or not. This element of surprise, of course, is part of the charm — and as luck would have it, M&M's have just turned on said charm by stealthily introducing the newest flavor in the M&M's family. Spoiler: It's one of the really surprising ones. 

Key Lime Pie M&M's are coming

According to Delish, the new M&M's flavor might just be the home run to end all home runs, because it looks like this year Key Lime Pie M&M's will be unleashed upon the unwary (and most certainly uncomplaining) world. The cat was out of the bag when Instagram account @candyhunting found the product page for a 2.47-ounce pack of the tart new flavor on the Meijer website, where it's marked as an Easter product. This means that unfortunately you probably won't be able to actually taste these treats before the 2021 Easter candy season, but judging by the packaging, every M&M's fan should be in for a treat. The bag features a spring-themed Ms. Green, holding a nice looking slice of key lime pie and wearing a jaunty straw hat with key limes adorning the brim. The actual candies themselves are made with white chocolate and replicate the shades of cream and green traditionally associated with the dessert. 

It remains to be seen how the flavor approaches the classic key lime pie taste, but we feel the combination of the tart taste of key limes and sweet white chocolate are sure to be a winner. All in all, Easter 2021 can't come fast enough.