The One Food Item That The Pioneer Woman Hides Away

Renowned food blogger and television personality Ree Drummond, popularly known as The Pioneer Woman, has strong preferences when it comes to food. According to CheatSheet, the Food Network star despises chocolate chip pancakes. Just to be clear, her family does like them, but she couldn't convince her sons to relate to her point of view as far as the sweet breakfast food was concerned. "I tried to have this exact conversation with my teenage boys and their friends just now, as I reluctantly handed them plate after plate of the dreadful chocolate chip pancakes they had requested, but for some reason they tuned me out? Thank you, Twitter — you are my family now," Drummond playfully joked on the social media platform.

But do not be mistaken. While the star may not like chocolate in her breakfast foods, she actually does like it in general. In fact, Drummond has one chocolate specific item that she enjoys so much, she actually sometimes hides it when no one else is paying attention so it doesn't disappear too quickly!

In The Pioneer Woman's house, Nutella is sacred

When asked about her pantry, The Pioneer Woman told The Daily Meal that she usually keeps an eclectic range of foods in it, such as hot sauces and pickled items. Drummond also admitted to being a massive fan of the chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella, and said she always keeps a jar at home — but she has to hide that jar if she wants it to last. "If I keep it on the counter, it's gone in 12 hours. My boys will eat it up," Drummond revealed. "I have hiding spots in my own pantry. I'll put jars of Nutella inside pickling pots." Clever, right? And definitely worth trying if you're looking for ways to hide your own precious treats at home.

Fans of Drummond likely won't be surprised by the star's sweet favorite, as a search on The Pioneer Woman blog results in nine recipes that feature the ingredient, plus one for an allergy-free chocolate spread made with sunflower seeds. Now that's dedication.