The Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Is Exactly What You'd Think

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the glorious food options on offer. As outlined by Mental Floss, the traditional holiday has witnessed a certain amount of evolution over the years. For example, dishes such as marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes are now a part of the festivities. Also, a perfect side for the feast is green bean casserole. Did you know that the dish was the brainchild of Campbell's test kitchen supervisor Dorcas Reilly, who came up with the recipe way back in the 1960s? It remains popular and is a quick fix when you're looking to make something in a hurry.

When it comes to the ubiquitous Thanksgiving turkey, many home chefs prefer to complement the star of the meal by adding interesting side dishes such as rolls and stuffing (via Delish). Have you ever asked yourself which is the most popular side dish, though? Here's the right answer.

Make some noise for mashed potatoes

A hearty Thanksgiving meal is largely incomplete without a generous serving of carbs, isn't it? Frankly, for a lot of Americans, carbs are crucial for Thanksgiving dinner. As reported by Delish, a map was released recently by career site Zippia that looked at some of the most popular Thanksgiving side options in every state. More than 20 side dishes were in the contest, which relied on trends to determine the most popular option.

Mashed potatoes was the most preferred choice, beating out its peers in no fewer than ten states. The next favorite, by the way, was delicious mac & cheese. Maine went down a surprising route, choosing salad over other options. Forty-seven states chose to stick with carbs and potatoes, while three wanted to include more vegetables. That said, potatoes were the undisputed, classic favorite. We have a clear winner, ladies and gentlemen.