Costco Has The Perfect Gift For Wine Lovers On Sale Now

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Thanks to Costco, you can seriously up your wine game without spending much money or effort at all. The wholesale company is currently offering you one more way to improve your drinking performance with the Rabbit Electric Wine Set, on sale now through the 19th of November (via @costcodeals on Instagram). The discounted set comes with an electric corkscrew, an aerator/pourer, a preserver, two stoppers, a foil cutter, and a charging base for the electronics. For just $19.99, the kit will show your (safe, socially distant) guests that you seriously know what you're doing when it comes to wine. "Designed for a complete wine experience," a description on the Costco website explains, "the Rabbit Electric Wine Set makes it easy to open, serve, and preserve your wine."

With Thanksgiving coming up, it the Rabbit Electric Wine Set would be an impressive hospitality gift for any relatives who take pride in their ability to host the best family gatherings. Plus, with the December holidays not too far away, it's a great present for any wine lovers in your life. This product has so many wine essentials and accessories all in one convenient, affordable set. It's a real steal too — the full price is listed as $29.99, so this Costco deal a whole $10 off. 

The Rabbit Electric Wine Set is tried and true

The Rabbit Electronic Wine Set comes highly recommended by @Costcodeals' followers, with many tagging friends suggesting that they purchase it for themselves or as a gift. "Got it last year. Best purchase!! Great deal!!" said @amylynncap. User @rach_just_rach agreed, "Had one for years! Got another one today for the other house." You know the set is premium if people with multiple houses are happy with their purchase.

Amazon's reviews also ranked the wine set as highly as similar products that are way more expensive. The Rabbit Electronic Wine Set got around four and a half stars, the same amount as this $48 set and this $57 one featuring basically all the same gear. So for $20 at Costco, the Rabbit brand set will get you at least as much value as products that cost two to three times as much. Be sure to head to your local Costco or the company's website asap to snag this awesome deal before it's over!